Album Review: Gigi Rowe Gives Miami Dreams In “Hello”

When you think of Miami, you think of heat and neon lights meshed together to provide people a living dream. Gigi Rowe is a rising pop artist that definitely brings the heat and lights of her hometown:Miam. Her new EP Hello feels like the soundtrack to your stride through its beached strip of clubs, restaurants, and altogether life

If there is one definition for Miami and Gigi Rowe’s EP Hello, it would be FUN!. The album of “dancetastic” dream-pop truly summons images of you walking through Little Havana with friends: readying to have a good , even mischievous time. The 80’s techno vibes feel like the strobed “open” signs aligning the clubs and lounges, inviting all those eager for a good time to have it with them. Yet, listeners know, their good time is in Club Gigi, and they are willing to have it with her because she bring out, with her music, the joy of living. The star has the “dollhouse” vocals that makes pop mutually delicious and mischievous.
Run The Night 
Nowadays. comparing a woman’s vocals to Barbie or a “dollhouse” may seem degrading, but do not forget Barbie has held more jobs and glamor than any Ken! Hence, for me, Barbie strikes the independence, freedom, and glitz Gigi Rowe stirs in synth-pop. For her, having a fun is a lush experience, where you can only have luxury without inhibitions. Thus, when I think of Barbie’s voice, and thus Gigi’s, it sounds clear and sultry, all at once. Her breathy affirmations to “Run The Night” are enticing and clarifying to her intention: to push you to let go, give in, and have a laugh.  Like the gloss of porcelain, you are attracted to her dueling capacity to shine and yet break so delicately. Hence, her voice’s glamorous attraction and  hidden agenda to “break the rules” which makes sense. Fun and rules do not usually combine, and that can be the difference between a “good time” and an exhilarating one; Rowe wanting you to have the latter.  In addition, having a “dollhouse” voice reminds me of the classic, 90’s dream pop hits like, The Cardigans’ “Love Fool”, where a voice was not trying to overpower a virtualized rhythm and vice versa. Instead, they were unitedly deciding to hypnotize listeners like, Gigi Rowe does in the the next four tracks.
Track By Track Review: 

Run The Night: MY FAVORITE SONG! It is fun, light, and as bright as a Tokyo skyscraper. It  is the song for every person to sing whom wants to feel that if they cannot control to bad life, then at least he or she can control the goo.f 
I Love This Crush: if someone told me this was an unreleased track of Gwen Stefani’s early work, I would believe it. Rowe sounds like Ms. Stefani’s vocal twin over the pop-rock/ techno that brought the band to fame in the 90’s. Moreover, who does not love a song about the excitement of having a crush?  

Like The First Time: this feels like it belongs to an 80’s film, where the protagonist finally givers herself body and soul to her lover. It has the virginal sounds and lyrics of lust and love that captivates young people experiencing love. Rowe beautiful embodies the balanced intensity and curiosity of feeling love for the first time in every aspect: mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

South Beach Stars: a bouncing bassline that reminds you of the fashion/ shopping scenes of your classic 80’s/ early 90’s films. It has that rambunctious fun that defined Gigi Rowe’s dream pop, but also a hint of innocence and beauty. To be a South Beach Star, you have to be exuberant and invincible in feelings and goals. Gigi wants her “man”, and she is ready to seduce him with indulgent lyrics on living life to fullest.

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