Song Review: Frank Gamble Has A Radio Hit With “Heart Speaks”

Frank Gamble has a new track. I am sorry for saying that: I mean a NEW HIT. Heart Speaks is the new dance song from this mysterious artist, whom nobody knows beyond the delicious tracks she or he serves. The faceless artist is better than SIA at keeping unknown, and I am happy to say the artist is also as good at shelling out an amazing hit. 

Last autumn, “Myths” was dropped and pricked the ears and attention of artists like, Annie Mac and DJ Semtex.  When they attempted to contact the buzzing artist, any email communication heralded an automated response: Frank is currently in a meeting at Pajaros Point in the British Virgin Islands and will get back to you soon. Frank Gamble is so cool that even fellow cool artist cannot find him…. or her. Still, poet and musician Kojey Radical tracked Frank down for collaborative effort “Blind Eye” in the winter, and “Something Wrong” emerged in the spring; pitched down, chopped up and seductively off kilter. Yet, it is not the search for Frank Gamble as much as the origins that intrigues

Two friends once entered into a lucky dip auction to own a record from J Dilla’s personal collection, held by the late producer’s mother. A record by Australian jazz guitarist Frank Gambale duly arrived in the mail and, one mispronunciation later, Frank Gamble was born. The name stuck and the friends liked the double meaning. Honest Ambiguity & True Lies. Who are these two friends? Where are they? And what are they doing to me with this new track? 

Heart Speaks

Heart Speaks has an electrifying bassline that makes you feel surrounded by its repetitive lyrics and sound. “As When your heart speaks” is songs, you feel like you are falling into an eternal dance floor. Although the song is called Heart Speaks, what it is talking to is to your feet because they NEED to move. From the minute the track begins, there is absolutely no sitting still, and I love it. This song is destined to be one your final summer jams and a club hit. Moreover, its message is powerful; how to hold on to your love through the roughest points of a relationship.