Artist 2017: AJ Tracey Is Looking To Leap From UK Hip Hop To US

Let’s be frank,  Americans love UK Hip Hop because something about the British Accent fascinate them. Yet, whether it is in the UK or US, Hip Hop has a universal heartbeat that AJ Tracey has captured in his Little Tracey EP and the support of ASAP Rocky and Drake. When the “now” of Hip Hop is calling you the future, it means we should listen.

Apple, Noisey, The Fader, and now Diandra Reviews It All are declaring 2017 to be a good, new year for AJ Tracey’s career. His Little Tracey EP dominates with rap riffs that feel like lyrical gifts being handed to your mind. He can go from lighting up a party, “Pasta”, to tearing it down, “Luke Cage”, with a fear-inducing flow that could compete with a tornado in quickness. One of the most exciting things about Hip Hop talent is their ability to show the rapidity of human thought. Tracey’s words fall upon ominous, bouncing basslines like a waterfall’s endless crash, which can reflect the mind’s laser-like thought process. Tracey is here to pummel you sonics with words that can go from playful “Buster Cannon” to a problem for fellow rappers, “Hating On Gang (feat. Rey Banks)”. Tracey wants to challenge listeners to love him, but has not problem challenging fellow rappers to hate him, and they have reason to be jealous: Tracey has sincere charisma. 

Not many people can make “in you face” lyrics and sound come off as charming. There is no filter with Tracey whether he wants to make you join him in nightlife euphoria or step aside as he takes your throne. Happiness and conquest are two huge themes to Hip Hop and its messaged motivations to live life fully. In some ways. that is why AJ Tracey will conquer the Hip Hop scene to his and your happiness, when you rap so fully its because you are living so fully, as well. For More Information On AJ Tracey Click Here.