Diandra Reviews The Top Three Hip Hop Acts To Watch From The World

Meet three Hip Hop Acts from around the world to keep an eye out for and a clear ear to listen to. These three are rising to make their staple on the Hip Hop pages across the globe. Check Them out: Dave, Hare Squead, and PARRI$! 


Meet Dave

If there is one thing synonymous with Hip Hop it is social commentary. Hailing from London. England, Dave does not cower from the opportunity to both marvel and dissect the humanity in his country and the world. With a rap flow that tussles between the fluidity of a river and the choppiness of a raging sea, what makes him so exciting to hear is that spontaneity and intelligent wordplay of his rap style. There is no doubt that Dave is readying to make a worldly mark on the Hip Hop game, and independently-released EP “Six Paths” debuted #1 on UK Hip Hop Charts, showing that good music and strong intellect can be rewarded by listeners. Click Here for more information on Dave.

Hare Squead 
From Dublin, Ireland to features in Noisey, Hare Squead using smooth, bumping rhythms to deliver a cool blend of Hip Hop, soul, and a splash of electro-pop. Their songs go down like sweet tea with a sense of earthy sweetness. Tony Konstone and E-Knock have a breezy rap-flow that build a strong foundation for singer Jessy Rose’s emotionally loaded melodies. Who knew that three guys that connected over a love for skateboarding, would go on to sign with Columbia Records and soon release their Supernormal EP. You never know where friendship will lead you, but, in this case, it is to the music industry’s acclaim and compliments of their burgeoning Hip Hop presence. Click Here For More Information on Hare Squead. 

Slick, sultry, and sweet are three words that definitely define PARRI$ style. Slicking in-between roles of smoldering sugar to a simmering vixen, PARRI$ always appears like neon smoke before you. She is colorful and transparent in her vision to be both sexy and a social firestorm, which makes sense as the New- Zealander has choreographed the videos of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, whom are three Hip Hop Queens that use music to display the beauty of their bodies and distinct, musical styles. Like these KWEENS, PARRI$ wants to make a musical standard for people to reach to: not copy.  Mixing the Hip Hop basslines/ swag of Brooklyn and LA, the 24 year-old multi-talent released her debut EP ‘Run & Tell Your Friends’ on October 17th. Click here for more information on PARRI$.