Album Review: ALMA Is A “Raptress” In Debut EP “Dye My Hair”

ALMA is a rising “raptress” . She is an odd rap flow to her singing style that makes her vocals, at times, teeter between spit rhymes and sung lullabies. Yet, my “raptress”analogy is not only about ALMA’s singing style. It is also that she is a “raptor” in terms of her force. Yes, I know that is a bird of prey, but in some ways that is the person of ALMA. The way she approaches music, especially in her debut Dye My Hair is ravenous, full, and nothing less than strong. 
Though her 4 track EP, there is something predatory and instinctual to her style. She sees music as animal to conquer and devour, which is why her EP fees like a giant electric shock and induces the animalistic nature of listeners. This is far from bad. It is fun and perfect for the dance scene that ALMA has already made her name in through her feature in Felix Jaehn smash “Bonfire”. Yet, Dye My Hair is more than a solidification that this Finnish pop-star will heard in radios and clubs throughout the world, it is also a  revelation of the hidden nuances to her music. 

ALMA – Karma (official)

When you think “club banger”. you do not really think ”thought piece” or “human statement”. Usually, no one goes around saying, “I heard this song at the club, and it really made me analyze how human beings treat each other!’. You may laugh. but its true. Thus, I enjoyed the subtle. social commentary ALMA slipped into Dye My Hair, especially in the track of the same name. In it, ALMA shows the quiet, in-depth lengths women will go to get ready for the club or any location where there beauty is displayed according to physical attraction rather than spiritual. Yet, like, in her song “Karma”, she reminds all females that for however much we dress ourselves up, there is a naked truth to us: WE ARE STRONG!

ALMA – Dye My Hair (official)

Track By Track Review:  

Dye My Hair: the album gifts us with two versions of this track. The first is the bouncing, club version, which sets up a blissful rave in your mind that will make you want to literally dye your hair. Yet, it is the acoustic version that carries the real, moving surprises. Not only does it elaborate ALMA’s genuine singing talent, but the heartfelt lyrics that subtly analyze the lengths women would go to look beautiful to the man they love, even in the now normalized ways we change our appearances like, dyeing our hair blonde. While the dance version is so sonically fun it makes dyeing your hair sound like a joyride, the acoustic shows that raw, vulnerable motivations that go into women trying to appeal to standard of beauty that can feel beyond them.
Karma: YAAASSSS!!!! The beat and promotion of resilience has me COMPLETELY! My favorite song of the album.Knock: the flow and fluidity of this track is perfect as ALMA debates whether her night out will be a “knock” on the door of offered love and friendship or a “knock” out of someone whom threatens to break her heart. The truth is you may ask people to “Knock On My Door”, but, as ALMA exemplifies throughout the track, we all want companionship with hesitance because it can either bring us the greatest joy we ever experience or the saddest.

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