Diandra Interviews: Omar Al Hindi Follows The Music In His Head

Omar Al Hindi’s Bedhead Part 1, was just released, which you can read my review HERE. The singing romantic has an “everyday”. casual style that thrives on guitar-driven melodies and the sweet poesy of his words. Luckily, I was able to interview the future radio crooner. 

Diandra: What is your first memory of music? What is your happiest?
Omar: My first memory of music goes way back to Playing Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64. I learned how to take the music from the game and play it on my keyboard. I think my happiest music memory was performing at a venue at SXSW in Austin that was a total hip hop crowd. I went on stage with the label and all my label mates watching from the sides and they all thought I was gonna bomb because the crowd wouldn’t dig me. I freaking killed it and they all loved my performance and word went around and when I went to my next couple shows that I had at SXSW more people came when they saw me walking onstage to perform. It was a pretty cool feeling.

Diandra: Your music is focused on exploring love and sensuality. What has been the best love advice you have ever received?
Omar: I guess it was just “be honest” because staying honest in a relationship keeps it healthy.

Diandra: What about love, do you feel, makes it so central to music as a theme and inspiration?
Omar: Everybody wants to experience love. Everyone can relate to it and so it’s more a central theme of all people, more so than just music. Music can easily influence your emotions, so when it comes to love, it’s easier to relate to your audience than talking about like, a TA 6.6 Pontiac. Not everybody knows what that is or even cares about it.

Diandra:You are about to release your debut LP, what would you say is the most exciting part about your debut?
Omar: The fact that it’s the first “full” project that I’m putting out. It’s only 8 of the songs off the actual full project but it’s how I started my career out and I love that it’s so honest.

Diandra: What do you wish for your music to most say about you?
Omar: I want whoever listens to my music to know right when they hear me singing, that I am an artist. This isn’t a hobby, it’s my livelihood. Obviously there are some songs that are child like, but that’s only because that’s how I wanted them to sound.  

Diandra:You wrote “Stay Strong” for your grandmother, whom recently, passed away. What lessons did she teach you that most inspire you as a person and musician?
Omar: She used to always teach me how to be polite, and respectful to each and every person. She lead her life in such a positive way that anyone who knew her loved her. She was a great role model, always kind, yet strong, and always smiling. I hope to be a person like she was. 

Diandra: What is the one, creative standard you have for yourself? 
OmarWhen it comes to writing or producing I just make sure that what I make is what I’m hearing in my head. 

Diandra: You have dedicated yourself to making music that is deeply personal to you. What are the pleasures and struggles that comes with making music from such an open and heartfelt place. Are there ever moments, where you wonder if you have been too raw, in a song, with your feelings?
Omar: The idea that I’m letting people inside my head when they hear my music is definitely scary. It’s scary because they can talk about it and hate it, when I’m putting my most heartfelt thoughts in a song. If someone does like my music though it’s all the more rewarding. I expect people to hate my music, and I expect people to love it. Either way, it’s their opinion so it shouldn’t matter to me. 

Diandra:Going on the fact that you make songs about relationships. What are the top three qualities you seek in your life partner?
Omar: Good communication, same kind of humor, and some bit of mystery. But honestly I’m just saying random “ideal” things. If someone is meant to be with me, and I like them, then it’ll happen. No “prerequisites”. 

Thoughtful answers from a lovely artist Click Here to Buy His Bedhead Part One And Learn More About Omar Al Hindi.