Advanced Review: Another Period Returns As Hilarious And Crude As Ever

Another Period is both hilarious and cringingly awkward. What makes Another Period so daringly funny, but also uncomfortable to watch, is that no one is safe from its “ribbing”. It is a show that will cross anyone’s barriers to funny. For example, their first episode is on Harriet Tubman being recruited to teach Beatrice and Lillian how to become famous again. On that premise, alone, I can sense a few eye rolls and people feeling insulted.

The first episode proves that Another Period is confident in its formula. The characters are as empowered in their delusions and flaws as ever. Lillian ( Natasha Leggier) and Beatrice (Riki Lindhome) are numbingly wicked to the point of telling Tubman, “She was lucky to have slavery!”, as her cause and publicity platform. (Cue even more gaping mouths).  The episode has more that a few instances that will leave people feeling shocked and wondering if what they have seen is purely wrong. To take this American hero and turn her into a pr genius/pimp, will leave people torn as to whether the show is brilliant in using this historical figure to reveal the, at times, grotesque nature of press or just plain rude. Again, this show is not for those easily insulted, and can make the most open to comedy question whether they should laugh. The next two episodes continue Another Period’s unbeknownst initiative to question how, why, and what you laugh at.

 This series can come off cold and disrespectful to many because of its “no hold bars” approach to making fun of other through characters that are, themselves, atrocious people. Although you do not turn to this show for its sense of realism and reliability, it may be hurtful to see cruel people act heartlessly. The protagonists really are the dumbest, meanest, and richest characters to rock television since Donald Trump’s last televised speech. Still, if you place aside your indignation, you will realize that Another Period, unlike Trump, is really smart. Its second episode takes on the pertinent issues of gun control through Beatrice’s argument that everyone should have their own hatchet. The way Beatrice defends her stance on having no weaponry controls and limitations are, verbatim, what can be seen in political speeches, and the episode has a farcical scene on theories that one weapon can stop the other without anyone getting hurt.  The third episode gives a hilarious yet, again, cringing interpretation of American history’s familial dynasty, The Roosevelts, that would leave any historian in a huff.

Ultimately, Another Period is a show that wishes to challenge people, and it does. It challenges you not to laugh but to think about the laugh. Why do you chuckle when certain groups are made fun of but no others? While comedy is based on choosing to laugh instead of cry over tragedy, Another Period quiet dares that notion. Yes, the characters are unbelievably stupid, but behind their small minds are incredibly intelligent writers: Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindome.  They use this platform to analyze the ridiculous discourse that threatens human sanity, i.e. gun control conversations that are boiled down to irrational, conspiracy theories of self-defense. Thus, if you take their jokes as literal, and not reflective, you could be mortified by this show. Yet, if you see them as reflective, you will still be mortified but also inspired. 
Another Periods Comes On Wednesdays at 10 pm on Comedy Central