Apollo Theater Beautifully Honors The Purple One: Prince

This Monday, the Apollo Theater did a beautiful homage to Prince, and inducted him into their Walk of Fame. Unlike the many outpourings of love. this one felt different. It could have been for the Orlando tragedy that occurred this past weekend, but the hearts that sang his praises had notes of humility in them. It was more than just honoring Prince’s genius, but applauding his perseverance and the public’s openness at witnessing his vast creativity.

Let’s be honest the world is a rough place to live in, which makes the miracle of Prince’s life more fascinating. As the speeches of legendary saxophonist Maceo Parker, Prince’s protege Andy Allo, and Do Me Baby Singer Meli’sa Morgan continued to fill the audience with their memories and loves for the past singer, we were reminded that his greatness stemmed from adversity. Although he changed the music landscape with his unmatched uniqueness and impressive talents, he played 27 instruments, it was his spirit at overcoming poverty and the cruelty of others that is awe-inspiring. As their speeches remarked, Prince lived for the arts. He only wanted to create, and that initiative allowed him to skyrocket into legendary status.

On that Walk of Fame, I realized how needed stories, or rather legends like, Prince are needed by this world. To go from the bottom, where no one looks or hopes for you, to the top, where everyone dreams to be you, is an amazing tale. Moreover, it is a universal one. So many creative spirits are eager to be seen and heard for the heartfelt messages they wish to share through their art. Yet, not many have that opportunity or the resilience to seek it out after so many rejections. It takes a strong heart to continuously let its light shine, and the Apollo made sure to show what the light of Prince signified.

The night culminated with the Apollo’s annual Spring Gala, where LL Cool J, Andra Day, and Leon Bridges honored the late singer and all the musical achievements made by those whom have passed on in body but not spirit. .For More Information on the Apollo Theater Click Here.