Film Review: Ghostbusters Is Way Funnier Than Its Trailers YAY!!!!!!!!!!

From the very beginning, Ghostbusters has been plagued with negativity. From the obnoxiously sexist comments about having an all-female cast to the die-hard fans that were unwilling to accept a new generation of Ghostbusters. Honestly, nostalgic fans looked like when an only child is told their parents are going to have another kid: cringingly disappointed at the addition. Thus, I felt relieved that the movie was funny especially, when the first trailer was SO underwhelming.

The trailers for Ghostbusters had me WORRIED! They were not funny at all, and the few moments that gave giggles were just silly jokes. People have to pay to see a movie, and the trailers did not make the film look worth any ticket price. Thus, although movie has some “corny moments” particularly when it tries too eagerly to nod at the originals, it actually has a wealth of laughs. The irony is that for a movie that reinforces how hilarious women are and can be (Take That Sexists!), for me, Chris Hemsworth stole the show. He was so dumb that you laughed, and it oddly never got old. You want to not laugh at how blatantly idiotic his character, Kevin is. but even the hardest person will have to budge a chuckle. There will definitely be moments that you wonder “How has Kevin stayed alive in this world?”, although he does meet danger as the trailer hints. I liked Kevin’s character because he reminded of the basic, childlike humor you can find in classic comedy films like, Airplane,  but you cannot deny the magnificence of the four female leads.

Kate McKinnon (Jillian Holtzmann)- Yes! Yes! AAANNNNDDD YES! She was so funny, smart, and confident as a character. She just kicks butt all around, and in the big finale scene makes every one want to grab a GIRL POWER t-shirt. I loved the essence of her character as someone intelligent and firm in their perseverance.

Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan)- If you like Leslie on SNL then you will love her in this film. Her character kind of feels like she could be one of her SNL skits. The reason I remark this is because, like McKinnon, this is Leslie’s first major film, and I am so happy to say she transitioned to the big screen as beautifully and fabulously as her other fellow comediennes/ SNL co-stars. I am a HUGE Leslie Jones fan! She just seems like a good, kind-hearted person so to see her succeed is amazing! YAY FOR GOOD PEOPLE!

Melissa McCarthy (Abby Yates)- Melissa McCarthy is funny in this film, but she is not the funniest, which might be weird for some of her fans. Admittedly, when I heard the casting for Ghostbusters I thought Kristen Wiig! and Melissa McCarthy! YES! Although she has some hilarious scenes,  her character is stiffer than her usual boisterous ones, which might be a mental transition for fans of her comedy. Initially, Paul Feig wrote Patty’s character for Melissa, and you can see why? Patty has that rambunctious, “in your face nature” that Melissa is known for in her films like, Spy and Tammy. Yet, I could also see why McCarthy would want to expand her acting layers and show she can do any character excellently, which she does.

Kristen Wiig (Erin Gilbert)- Like McCarthy, Wiig is not the funniest character of the bunch, which again for those who go for her name, might be a bit of a surprise. Does she have hilarious scenes and lines? YES! Does she have “show-stoppers” or, at least, as many “scene-stealing” ones as say, Jillian, Kevin, orPatty- No. Yet, again, its just a different character for Wiig that she does wonderfully, but with characters like, Jillian and Kevin, its is hard to be the funniest in the room. So it has nothing to do with acting, as much as what characters most people are going to gravitate to.

In terms of plot, the film is okay. To be frank, its more the chemistry and unity between the Ghostbusters’ team that drives the film.  I cannot say I ever felt like, the team or world was “really” in danger. The villain and his lame plot to destroy earth takes a backseat to the story of a team uniting, despite differences of personality and ideas, which I think is great and how it should be. At the end of the day, I think most viewers, and at least for me, find it more interesting to watch how these women come together and build themselves as a singular unit. Thus, the end battle, though good and wonderful in effects, does not seem as powerful as when you see the team initially form in the beginning of the film.

Overall, Ghostbusters is undeniably fun and a positive experience. A lot films when they aim for a huge villain trying to take over the world (Batman V Superman), they become obsessed with so much mass destruction you have to wonder whether humanity really won? Yet, as you walk out of this film, you feel like, both the characters and cast actually won. The team obliterates the bad guy and these actresses destroyed all their initial haters. Therefore, I would recommend Ghostbusters for those that are in the mood for a little movie splurge, because, again, tickets are expensive. So if your open for a feel-good time and laugh then this is your film for the weekend.