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Concert Review: Thurston Moore Shows Legends Have A Rock N’ Roll Consciousness At MHOW

Thurston Moore is a legend. The Sonic Youth founder is a pioneer furthering the union between indie and rock. His penchant for the strangeness of a guitar as a stringed, sentimental beauty was prevalent in his Music Hall Of Williamsburg show.
Thurston Moore – Smoke Of Dreams

You ever watch an art film and are left stunned by how much you like its weirdness. For Thurston Moore, every aspect of his concert is about going beyond what you see with your eyes into what you can see with your mind, which can be a new notion for music today. After reviewing Rock N’ Roll Consciousness and then seeing his show, I know fully believe Thurston Moore has the mystical “third eye” with how he can witness and create music that I could never dream of. Hence, Moore is a legend because, even if you matched his talent, you would never match his mind. He closes his eyes and lets music lift him up as if, unbeknownst to all of us, a guitar is secretly a magical airplane. When he plays, you feel jealous, not only of his talent, but connection to music. While I see many artists, who , naturally, love music and art, when Moore plays you would think sound is the equivalent to oxygen. He LIVES for music, and the depth of that bond makes you invest in his concert out of sheer curiosity; What does it feel like to be so bonded to a spirit? To me, music is a universal energy that awakens both primal and divine elements in humanity. The duality of those natures came out in songs, “Turn On” and “Aphrodite”, of which Greek mythos were used to inspire, and because Mr. Moore does not do songs…. he does epics. With all the twists and turn one song carries in arrangement like, ‘Exalted” , it is easy to think his songbook has 800 pages dedicated to one track. True genius does not know limits.
Thurston Moore – Aphrodite

Part of being a legend is about boldly crossing bounds that the rest of us, assume, are unmovable. Even the best artists do not dare scope that depths of their innovativeness because to be new is to dare the old, and, maybe, the old is working for or feels customary to you. Yet, Thurston Moore’s career is a cycle of rebirths and rejuvenations because he, literally, has a rock n’ roll consciousness. Rock n’ roll breaks barriers, and whether you are putting a punk, alternative, indie, electro, etc before rock, the point is that, creatively, you never have a break. Hence, seeing Thurston Moore was a reminder that near 4 decades as an industry musician has NOT aged him as much as opened him to all his possibilities. For More Information On Thurston Moore Click Here.