Concert Review: Twin Limb Revives Terminal 5 For A Spiritual Sunday

After reviewing their album Haplo, I was excited to see Twin Limb’s Sunday performance at Terminal 5. Sunday and Twin Limb seem like an odd but perfect date. When you think of Sunday, you think of a mystical sense of rest, particularly from creativity. Hence, Twin Limb gave a performance that felt like music was something to rest upon, and hear in wonder of its expression on humanity.

I fell in love with Haplo for its ability to make life seem big through simple, ethereal orchestrations. Twin Limb assured that their show at Terminal 5 did the same. Front and center is the beautiful  Lacey Guthrie on accordion, keys, and vocals. She radiates with a voice that feels like raindrop fallen from Heaven: stunning, melancholic, but also prospering. Rain can appear dreary, but without it  nature would not grow. In the same way, Guthrie’s hints of sombre and angelic harmonies with  Maryliz Bender Guthrie appear sad but grow the spirit. The singers have a way of showing, both vocally and instrumentally, that our challenges are also our strengthening. Even the image of her holding and playing a giant accordion was impactful like she was carrying a magical child. When you think of the accordion, you do not necessarily think majestic, but Guthrie makes the music of the accordion drip out of it like a a ripe fruit being tenderly, but firmly squeezed. Sweet sounds ooze over to elevate the lyrics and world that is Twin Limb’s Haplo. Thus, bringing out the idea that Sunday is a day when you marvel at the fantasies you have made realities throughout your week, life, and career. In the same way, God looked upon his creation on the 7th day.

The Weather

// know I am sounding rather imaginative, but Twin Limb’s concert is visionary in its stillness, which was a grand contrast to Jim James’s fiery performance. While James’s had flower props and a manic energy that made him seem like a sporadically, insane genius, Twin Limb felt like his quieter, musical siblings. They were related by their noble and sorcerous takes on music. Both see the art of sound as a form of wizardry where each note and lyric is like spiritual spell to be cast. Hence, they each work to elevate spirits through either the loudness of energy or the subtlety of it. The point is that no matter what spectrum of zest and expression, the audience sees and feels something. Although Twin Limb has their vibrant lighting and the vast arrangements of instruments they peruse over makes the band look like chemists mixing music in a lab, they are a concert to make you present in peace. Sure you will sway to their music, but you will also want to rest into their sound. Twin Limb is a concert to make you feel, and when combined with Jim James’s performance, their current tour os like an overarching, exuberant display of sentiment. Rare have an opener and headliner had such a cohesion of both talent and performance goals.

Yoo Doo Right

// I walked out of Terminal 5, I felt like this concert was planned. Of course, you say, “Every concert is planned!” but not so. At times, artists, rightfully, believe just go out and perform. Yet, Twin Limb gave a reviving concert that appeared as if they had a central, clear goal; rejuvenate. Their music performance washed over the audience like water over a fire, so that when Jim James came they could be enlightened again. The contrast of energies, yet connection in earthly nature made Sunday at Terminal 5 turn musically biblical. For More Information On Twin Limb Click Here.