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Diandra Interviews Part 2: Sir The Baptist Changes Hip Hop’s Frequencies

As I continued my interview with Sir The Baptist, I knew I was meeting a man deeply connected with his humanity, which is brilliant but can be burdensome. As seen in Saint Or Sinner, he is spiritually driven, but uses music to keep himself mentally clear. Like any socially conscious person, his thoughts inspire others but can weigh heavily when, despite giving answers, you cannot understand the ultimate question; Why do people not choose love?

Diandra: For you, music is healing. What insecurity or wound has music most helped you heal? 

Sir The Baptist: Oh wow, so many. For one, Hip Hop taught me that I needed so many girls to be a man. Yet, from reading, writing, praying, and listening, I was able to get myself together and say this notion needs to be healed. Then, from an economic view, BET made it look super cool to have all the chains and houses. Yet, on this album, I was able to take these moments of retreating and finding a sense of good stewardship. This album healed a lot of, what I call, frequency abuse. They know what music does to my culture, and they implement things in my culture with music as the backdrop. They use music and advertisements to give us wounds that are unattractive.  
Sir the Baptist – Raise Hell ft. ChurchPpl [Official Music Video]

Diandra: Wow! Being so spiritually minded and politically active do you feel that, especially in these time of Trump, that artists must become socially conscious in their music? 

Sir The Baptist: I think the ones that feel the weight and feel chosen or called to do it, they do it. There are still people out here who are thinking only of nonsense and that is their choice. Yet, on our end {socially conscious), we have to do things differently.  Activism is not forceful.  When I sat Donald Trump (the doll) down at Afro-Punk, I did not beat him up. I sat him down and taught him Black Economics and sang songs about our communal development.  Hip Hop looks at activism as forceful and aggressive like it is a fight, but no. Activism is about being pro-active and making sure we do more studies to equip our community as much as possible. I believe that, in these times, we have to be responsible, and not just protest, but also have a driven purpose. 
Diandra: You named yourself John The Baptist after the idea that someone greater will follow you. If you could give that person one piece of advice what would it be?

Sir The Baptist: In the “John The Baptist” way, I would give them my head. The person who comes after me will have to sacrifice themselves, not literally, but in terms of submitting their life and going through what, I know understand, so many Church people have gone through. Doing this album, I was having panic attacks, I wanted to run into the street, and I was feeling pulled between myself. So, in essence, I would offer them a shoulder for them to stand on so that they will not have to struggle to live with such spiritual purpose. If I had had the platform other rappers had then I, probably, would not have suffered so hard to make this album to the point that I thought of suicide. If I had just had someone to say “Hey, stand on my shoulders, and just tell the truth. Do not worry about sales or whether they like you. Use my platform because I am popular enough, and I will help you.” That is what I hope to do for those that come after me. 
Sir the Baptist – “Wake Up” ft. ChurchPpl [Official Video]

Diandra: Finally, have you ever thought of making a Church?

Sir The Baptist: (He laughs) I think that what I am going to do is buy plots of land all over, and build little rooms and statues where you can step into like, Buddhist temples. I do not believe we should be in the churches. I believe that is an organizational distraction, this is not about infrastructure and business . This is about making sure the church is always in the street. Jesus was rarely in the church. Matter of fact, he spent most of his time traveling and preaching to people on the street and did not even have a home. I want places and monuments where people can go, take a moment, and reflect on their inside. 

A truly amazing human being! My hope for Sir The Baptist is that his drive to be a light in this world is responded with love. After listening to Saint Or Sinner, I have no doubt in his talent and the purity of his intent, so show your support and give him hope and strength buy buying the album on May 12 by Clicking Here.