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Album Review: Dillon’s “Kind” Shows Music Is Art For The Beholder

Dillon’s Kind is absolutely strange, of which some will devour its brilliance while others will wonder where it is. Yet, it is in that divisiveness where art is born. Every painting speaks differently to its seer, which is why art is not only an expression of creativity but a revealer of perspective. Dillon’s Kind is Electronica,R&B, Pop, and Soul warped, twisted, and splashed like paint from a brush, and it is up to you see what you interpret.

Every song in Dillon’s Kind feels like it was arranged and deconstructed a thousand times until it became a “Twilight Zone” version of its original. There is something rich and deep to its conception that becomes eery and curious in manifestation. “Shades Fade”, “Regular Movements”, “Stem & Leaf”, and “Contact Us” are lyrically prosed to be decoded by listeners. In every way, Dillon is trying to make herself displayed but not obvious; like a work of art hanging for eyes to see but only inquisitive minds can witness. Sonically, Kind slowly paces as if each rhythm is a neon strobe piercing through a dark room, of which again, you choose what rhythm or verse leaps out to you. Hence, my “art” reference, as you absorb certain instrumentals or words, you wonder how what you hear is reflecting what you feel.

Dillon, herself, sings with a brokenness that makes her every note quaked somber sentiments. Personally, her voice fascinates me in how it approaches lyrics like a fragile step; never knowing which verse will make her fall like an emotional floor receding. From “Kind” to “Killing Time”, Dillon never stops etching subtle mystery and majesty into her voice, which only makes you more willing to explore her art. For More Information On Dillon And To Buy Kind On November 10 Click Here.