Festival Review: The Village Voice Presents The 4 Knots Festival

The 6th Annual 4 Knots Festival has come and gone. This free, Village Voice produced festival attracts great acts and great people to the South Street Seaport in NYC. Though the weather was not as bright for an NYC summer, the energy and joy of indie rock by the sea helped quell the cloudiness of the sky. Nothing could dampen the mood when good beer, good food, and good music are givens.

Music Festivals have been rising in New York City, and, in popularity, across the country. Not only do they provide some of the happiest, clearest musical experiences a person can have, but they are extremely lucrative. As I look at the rising costs of Coachella, Governor’s Ball. the Meadows and Panorama Festival (which premiere this year), I grow slightly sad that these momentous experiences are becoming more and more exclusive. Yes, they are magnificent and one of a kind. Moreover, the line- ups for Panorama and Meadows Festival are crazy good. Yet, music, as well as festivals, are about the people. #noairs Moreover, you could get some pretty cool, random things for free like, Uber hot sauce, which I swear does not taste like a car. Thus, I was excited for the 4 knots festival because it is one of the few, excellent music festivals that are free and attracts everyone.

From huge families to droves of Millennials, the 4 knots festival is for everyone, which makes the ambiance feel timeless. First, you will get some of the best grub and food truck galore in NYC. Yes, the food was delicious and filled with organic, healthy option. Something the 4 Knots festival goers and makers wanted to note. That still does not stop me from gaining a gazillion calories, but healthy is always better. Second,  i always love seeing people walking around and excited. These days have been very violent in America. Thus, seeing people fearlessly and happily unite for joy can feel like an oddity. This made the atmosphere of laughing kids, cool Millennials, and loving couples feel like a rare utopia has been achieved.

Here is link to the lineup, but let me tell you some of my FAVES.

The Strumbellas
The Strumbellas mashed up folk and rock perfectly. They have a traveling troubadour feel as the band members fill the stage, and approach songs like they are singing odysseys from the road. There music is similar to that of The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons, where you feel positive vibrations simmer through you. Through thoughtful lyrics and, again, a journeyed perspective, they just feel like they have gone around the world to write their philosophies on life through music. P.S. Their newest album, Hope, is their best. 

It Hurts Until It Doesn’t
I fell in love with Mothers because Kristine Leschper has such a pristine voice. Live, her voice sounds like a mirror, reflective and reverberating of self-images. Moreover, indie-rock can provide such haunting, introspective songs, which for sad-song addicts like myself, feeds our attraction to teary music. Of course, Mothers offers you tracks with edge, but its their pensive songs that truly entrance. 

Diane Coffee

Full Performance on KEXP

Diane Coffee felt like a giant burst of caffeine. Fun! Insane! Free!  These are the best words to describe his set. While the other acts were cool and had a breezy energy, which matched the wind, Diane Coffee was a tornado. Pure in your face, good times! I absolutely adore feeling like an artist left their heart and mind on the stage, and Diane Coffee will make you feel like you happily left yours, as well. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again.

If you missed this year’s 4 Knots festival DO NOT WORRY! It is will be back next year!