Full Moon Festival Review: An Eclectic Array of Whimsical Artists

Full Moon Festival swooped in this weekend, making me the official Music Festival Kween. From Panorama to OZY Fusion to Mad Decent Block Party and Elements,  Full Moon Fest felt like a stamp on my musical passport. I am happy to say, that despite a few weather challenges, the festival was a colorful welcome to my repertoire. Alright I am done being “braggadocios”,,,, LET GET TO THE REVIEW!

The first thing I noted in Full Moon’s line-up was that it organized DJs between bands. Usually, DJs can be treated as openers or the major headliner of a festival, but Full Moon treated them like the sprinkles on their sundae. Each DJ was sonically and stylistically distinct from the previous one which only enriched the fluidity of Full Moon’s ambiance. There was never a moment that felt the same because there was never a musical act that matched the previous one. As the stage was prepped for the next band, people danced the day and night away under a huge canopy or sandbox. On Saturday, you went from the hauntingly hypnotic electronica of DJ Dave Harrington to the psychotropic Hip Hop/Rock of LolaWolf to the boogie beats of MoodyMann. Two vastly different DJ’s sliced in between the deliciously delirious sound of a band headed by actress Zoe Kravitz. The same thing happened on Sunday, when the sun-kissed rockers ALLAH-LAS were followed by the Moroccan rhythms of Vikas Sapra which introduced the AMAZING performance by Escort.  Thus, the Full Moon Festival has the distinguish of creating an ambiance that flowed in its frenetic energy thanks to artful organization.

Full Moon Festival had one of the most creative, musical line-ups that has splashed Governor’s Island. Yet, it was not only about the talent but the variety. From the latin-pop of Kali Uchis to the rap style of Pusha T, there was an overarching sense that viewers were witnessing a chosen few. It was as if its creators had a set vision that was not about getting whatever artist they could and giving a show. The Full Moon Fest was about getting cultural music mavericks that provided a sensibility: not a show. Watching each artist was like gaining pointers on spiritual swag. Their demeanor and presence were unique embodiments of music and a reminder of how epic the world of sound truly is.

In a world that carries the musical likes of the smoothly electrifying SBTRKT or the bombastic boom of Santigold, it is easy to forget how gigantic the music world is. There are so many artists that carry their own personal essence, which leaves me floored. Full Moon Festival did an excellent job in  reminding me of this, and getting me to Governor’s Island to have this spiritual epiphany. The festival had it OWN FERRY, which was a swift, comfortable ride. My only gripe with fest was its five dollar water bottled …. SHEESH! It was the first time a fest did not have water dispensary to fill out your own water bottles. Luckily, music quenches my thirst, as well.

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