Interviewing Sofi Tukker: When Art Meets Musical Brightness

Intelligence and humor are two qualities I truly treasure, and were abound in my interview with Sofi Tukker. This Brazilian Samba- Electro Funk duo, yes they blended these amazing genres, made me laugh out loud with their responses, but also appreciate the amount of mindfulness they have over their music career. They approach their music with a precision and a high level of fun. which often can seem like clashing sentiments. Yet, it is their ability to be clear and vivacious that has made them the rising new artists to watch. Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern met at an art gallery in Brown University, which seems a befitting origin for Sofi Tukker’s musical essence: art meets brightness. 

Diandra: How does having a university background influence you when composing music?
Tucker: I imagine myself at a lot of the parties I used to DJ at university. It’s where I learned how to DJ and had the opportunity to DJ multiple times a week and got to understand what moves people’s bodies and what makes people happy.
Sophie: The parties were definitely influential. I also spent a lot of time learning how to be discerning and critical about my own work, so maybe (hopefully) some of that made its way into our composing!

Diandra: You say that you want to “break the fourth wall” when connecting to audiences in concert. What is funniest concert story you have about breaking said “fourth wall”?
Sofi Tukker: There were two guys dressed as unicorns in the front row at our last show. Tucker called them out on wearing skin tight white latex body suits and said something about their penises being in our faces… definitely broke the fourth wall.

Diandra: Your lyrics have been influenced by Brazilian poetry. What is your favorite Brazilian poem and why?

Sofi Tukker:  
Colabore com a Lei
Colabore com a Light
Mantenha luz própria
Collaborate with the Law
Collaborate with the Light
Keep your own light

Diandra: Your music is more than sound; it is also an art installation. What would you say is your perceived difference between music and music art, which many have called your work?
Sofi Tukker: Thanks, thats cool! What we really hope to do is to tie as many senses in as possible. We try to physically embody the songs rather than just traditionally play them — and we are in the process of expanding the way that we visualize and display the sounds as we grow!

Diandra: You are all about connecting/ embodying music on every level. If Music was a literal person in front of you  what would you do and say to him or her?

Diandra: Can you describe the specific feeling and moment you knew that Sofi Tukker was about to form and it would be something special?
Hmmmmm probably the moment we came up with the Drinkee riff.

My vote for most intoxicatingly, rhythmic track!

Diandra: In being so open to how the world receives your music, what has been the hardest and greatest thing about said reception?
Sofi Tukker: It’s all been great because learning how to not care about “haters” has been great too!

Diandra: Your music has been praised for its creative uniqueness. If you could define what makes you unique as an artist in three words what would they be?

Sophie and Tucker (Love This Response!)

Diandra: What is so great about Soft Animals is that it feels like an experiment of every great, music genre. What new sonic or music genre experiments do you wish to accomplish in your next album?
Sofi Tukker: One of our favorite new genres to experiment with is a fun mix of techno and punk.

Diandra: Name four random facts about Sofi Tukker.
Sofi Tukker: Ball is life
We love avocados- (One of the most beautiful statements I have ever heard!_
Tucker’s hair colorist is Ariel Hauck
Sophie is addicted to Jasmine Tea

Okay, this is the part of my article, where I give my spiritual take on the musical talent I have interviewed. So here it is! When you have two talented human beings unite to make music, it seems like magic. Yet, when these two human beings unite to do something special and uniquely distinguishable from other musicians… It is a miracle! The current greatness, and more importantly, future stardom of Sofi Tukker, is that they have done something most artists wish they could do: be stars by being themselves. Their music is unlike any of the radio hits and club-bangers that are often in today’s playlist shuffle. Yet, they are so incredibly likable and good that they have and will continue to be welcomed as a different, musical pleasure amongst the “much of the same”. I wish them all the best in luck and love in their career!c Although, after hearing Soft Animals, they do not need luck, they NEED A GRAMMY!

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