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Concert Review: Quinn XCII Celebrates His Blessings At Bowery Ballroom

You ever have that moment when you SWEAR someone read you mind! They, somehow, said everything your were saying to yourself, but managed to say it out loud. I totally had that moment with Quinn XCII at his sold-out, Bowery Ballroom concert; when we both agreed what a blessing it is to be at a show, especially his!
Quinn XCII – Straightjacket (Official Video)

Hurricanes, wild-fires, nuclear war, and hate groups were just some of the items Quinn XCII named as the thing draining everyone into negative thoughts. Yet, as he looked out at the packed crowd, he and I marveled at the gift it is to hear music with your fellow humanity. Celebrating his debut, The Story of Us, Quinn’s energy was insurmountable. The man was CLEARLY HAPPY as he bounced around the stage to tracks “Kings of Summer”, “Fake Denim”, and “Always Been You”. He could not stop asking “Are you still with me, NEW YORK?!”. Yet, how could we leave him! Described as a mash between neo-soul, and Hip Hop, I could not help but feel his music was like electro-reggae.You just felt draped over by the chilled fumes and sweetly, serene synths of his music, which may be why he marveled at his blessings. Quinn XCII is pure fun, and one of the few concerts I have been to that made me step out and away from my news notifications. Nowadays, you cannot help but glance at your phone to see “What did he do now?”, but Quinn XCII makes you not want to look or think about watching disaster. He makes you want to dance and bask in his casually souled vocals.
Quinn XCII – Fake Denim (Official Video))

Quinn XCII shows that to attain spirit you can have ease and joy. Yes, his songs, from “Worst” to “Straightjacket”, are all about have a blast beyond or in fighting contrast to consequence and after-thoughts. Yet, his concert is about letting go of thought, period, and embracing the bliss of the moment. With a voice that seems girded in spiritual soil, but watered with an easy playfulness, Quinn XCII is, definitely, a show to catch by Clicking Here.
Quinn XCII – Always Been You (Audio)