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Concert Review: Syd Stays Present In Love At Irving Plaza

Syd, of the band The Internet, was like a sparkling, livewire of scintillating data at Irving Plaza. It was  a sensory overload that was not caused by spectacular “lighting” or special effects. Instead colorful lights flickered on a white sheet as Syd sang the equivalent of “baby-making, high-getting” music. 

My first impression Syd’s voice can be summed up in this giphy:


With the crowd, including myself, literally saying every five seconds: 


When I tell you that NYC was here and LIVING for Syd The Internet, I cannot lie. Syd is a rising power player and face for women of color in the LGBT community, and the night was a celebration of ladies seducing ladies to make babies. Tracks like,  “Moving Mountains” and “Bad Dream/ No Looking Back” echoed 90’s R&B’s brazened displays of passion and the desire for it in a relationship, but matched the current synth-sphere in Millennial music. As Syd stood center-stage to proudly announce that this was the first stop in her “Always Never Home” tour, also the title of her solo debut, the crowd went wilder than Yankee Stadium at a World Series. She was so in tune and present in the moment, you did not want to leave her side, especially as the night was a celebration for “all the people that build something for themselves”. The minute she said that I was fully invested in her show because it was a cross between humility and righteous connection. It is great to build something for yourself, and it is spectacular when that something is good. Syd The Internet is really good. 
Syd – Body (Audio)

As I squished my way into a gyrating crowd, I could not be bothered by the constant nudges of people dancing because Syd’s music is irresistible. You have to move your hips and shoulders to songs, “Body”, “All About Me”, and “On The Road”  because her mellow voice is like a program takeover into the computer that is your mind. She uploads and upgrades every-time you simply wanted your lover’s body and soul. She is so specifically and fluidly guttural in her description of love and desire that she reveals how casually powerful it is over you. Blessed with the softest, most hypnotic voice I have ever heard, her concert felt like another step into acceptance that love dominates. You cannot fight how love enters your being, and, in its onw way, Syd’s music does the same. It is so gentle but affirming in its initiatives that, like love, Syd has proven she is here to stay.  For More Information On Syd Click Here. 
Syd – All About Me