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Concert Review: LPX Is A Space Captain At Brooklyn Steel

LPX went to Brooklyn Steel and DOUSED IT ON FIRE! I saw her at Baby’s All Right, of which she rocked the same, red leather jumpsuit that echoed the glorious Britney Spears’ days of “Oops I Did It Again”. Yet, why not draw upon that delicious, mischievous pop vibe, especially when it had such a cosmic influence? Thus, LPX proved she, too, is a Pop Queen readying to bring suns, stars, and moons into the audience’s stratosphere.

Honestly, I do not know how LPX does it! The way she whips herself back and forth like she was the human embodiment of a flip-phone, sincerely, confounded me. LPX is so wonderfully all over the place, you feel like you are trying to catch a firefly in your hand and failing. Her fiery, red hair swings around as she shows to fill the stage is to own it. The first thing I ever learned in theater is to not leave “dead space”. Whether you move around or assure that all eyes move to you, the point it to make your viewer feel that if attention were oxygen, you just sucked it all up. It is that dynamic that draws you in as you watch LPX in her “space captain” outfit, literally, become a leader into a galaxy of songs such as, “Tightrope”, “Deceptacon”, and “Tremble”. Each track was an invitation to be a “star” with basslines and chords that pummeled through planets like a sonic nova. For LPX, she inviting listeners by saying, “Hey, I know what it is like to feel weak, but that is only the calm before a storm of strength”.

For however lyrically her tracks may be about personal uncertainty or insecurity, her performance and instrumentals say otherwise. She is about being certain that when the time comes to shine, you blast the world with your light. I have to say I enjoy LPX as a beacon of positivity. She is so bright in presence and personality that it only makes you drink more of her ranging, rioting vocals. If their is one artist that can ignite your inner fire or, at least, your inner world it is LPX. For More Information On LPX Click Here.