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Concert Review: Jaymes Young Knows Heartache At Brooklyn Steel

Jaymes Young wants to feel something, which he made very clear in his debut. Yet, at his Brooklyn Steel performance, the urge came to life. He presented himself like a young man eager to avoid numbness, but giving up on fighting the rightful desire to give into apathy. Ladies and gentleman, Jaymes Young is all of us when a relationship turns sour.

Tracks like “Sugar Burn”, “Habits of My Heart”, and “We Won’t” stood out as soft-synth anthems for every time we wanted to feel our partner’s love and touch, but grew tired of working for it. Relationships are hard, especially because, sometimes, you want the love, but not all the struggles to compromise and communicate for it. Young’s voice is like a beacon. Not only can he hit a higher note, but he can hold it. To hear him sing “Moondust” or “I’ll Be Good” is like looking down into the well of his soul, and having his thrown wishes tossed back at you. I cannot tell you how many times I heard, “Wow, he is good!”. Audience members were truly impressed by how his voice beamed through what felt like cosmic acoustics. I did not appreciate Young as a song- writer as much until I saw him live. His tracks are like a literal diary page for youthful break-ups, which could be why I saw so many ladies closing their eyes and singing along to his set. It was as if he had reached a level of emotional nuance that became universal; Jaymes Young KNOWS heart-ache and intelligently sings to every person who knows it, as well. Thus, he riveted on stage with neon lighting and some of the most poignant lyrics on wanting to feel something.
Jaymes Young x Phoebe Ryan – We Won’t [Music Video]

He may have had a cold that night, but Jaymes Young kept us all warm with the cocoa of his voice. He is the sonic version of a warm tea on cold day, but the warm drink is his music and that cold day is the realization your heart is not functioning as well as it can. For More Information on Jaymes Young Click Here.
Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good [Official Video]