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Concert Review: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Hits Brooklyn Steel

Brian Jonestown Massacre brought Brooklyn Steel into is warped sound last night, and I was there to witness a fan-base made of pure love. From wondering if Kim Jung Un likes the Beatles to swearing Las Vegas gambling halls are filled with truckers yelping, “FUUUUCKK!”, BJM filled the night with sound and conversation speared for the outsider in all of us.

Anton Newcombe is 100% awkward genius, but that plays into his legendary status. He is the only guy I know that can make a guitar spew chords as if it were a ghost-busting machine, and then discuss why Google Translate is best for French. Yet, I know the crowd was blindingly in love when I heard, “Yeah! Google Translate!” as if this app was just some cool dude that strolled onto the stage. Truthfully, the whole night was filled with a blinding bliss that I would not dare or desire to challenge. Beers and classic BJM tracks like, “Pish”, “Who?”, and “That Girl Suicide” boomed throughout the warehouse setting as if Sound was trying to make a literal conquest. From the beginning, their music performance played like a computer had gone haywire; with barely any moments hushed into silence. There was always a lingering chord, buzzing key, and straddling synth-wave playing even after a song had “ended”, which made Music feel like it was man stuck in a revolving door. The effect was mesmerizing considering that this band feels like the Lynyrd Skynyrd of psych-rock/alternative- folk. They play their music with a joyousness and sense of casual normalcy, despite, BJM being 100% experimental. “Whatever Happened To Them” and “Nevertheless” are not the tracks you blast at a prom or church. This band thrives on bringing a “counter” nature that brims with both welcome and wistfulness. After all, you are not called Brian Jonestown Massacre to sing songs about unicorns, puppies, and candy-shops. Thus, I was moved by seeing how invested the crowd was in their noised proses and the psychedelic laser show that matched their vibes. #stans

I love Brian Jonestown Massacre. Anton Newcombe could sing to me everyday and tell me how Canada is a bilingual government all day. He is a quirky guy that also happens to be sparkling intelligent, and blessed with a voice that calls to you. He hunches and hovers over his mic as if it were the only thing in the world that could capture and display his voice. Maybe, it is? With how he transitions personas from crowd banterer to singing rockstar, the microphone has proven to be his eternal friend. Click Here For More Information On Brian Jonestown Massacre.