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Concert Review: Pandora Outdoes Itself By Bringing Nas To Brooklyn Steel

A night to remember! Pandora threw an epic bash this winter, which is why a summer domination was bound in the form Sounds Like You: Summer. Still….. NAS! The NAS! coming through for us Pandora radio-heads was a sincere joy. As the crowd buzzed in their free, new graffiti hats and Cantu hair products, the night seemed like a long train into euphoria.

There was a feeling as if Pandora was outdoing itself. Nas is a living legend, and if you call yourself a Hip Hop fan, and do not have a copy of Illmatic, please excuse yourself from such a self-reference. If the last Pandora event was about the rising and risen acts of young, indie-rockers like, Bastille and The 1975, then Sounds Like You: Summer was a celebration of Hip Hop’s rising and risen. Biz Markie played and mixed classic Hip Hop tracks that got the crowd dancing fully and happily. There was no “head-bopping” or slight sways side to side, especially since a literal break-dance was center in the room. Hearing the trajectory of near 50 years trajectory as a music- genre was shocking. You almost forget how long Hip Hop has been in the music game when you think of its many phases and, currently, its global domination. Even Nas marveled at how Hip Hop has broken locational, cultural, and language barriers. Hence, acts like Young M.A. and Dave East had the crowd jittering for Hip Hop’s future, while Nas and Biz Markie solidified its timelessness.
Nas – If I Ruled The World

When Nas came out, I swear that I have never seen so many phones go up, at the same time. The packed Brooklyn Steel show was ready to record this memory, of which Nas’ hit after hit steam-rolled through the crowd’s minds. Fans were singing verse after verse as if they had written it, and cheering as he shout-out every borough like he had created them. It was flooring to him live, and, by default, becomes one of the best shows I have ever seen. When a legend performs it is legendary, but it says a lot that Pandora could pull off such a luxury, sleek event for free. If they keep up this novelty, Pandora MIGHT RULE THE WORLD. For More Information On Pandora Click Here.