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Concert Review: Wilsen Is Intuition At Baby’s All Right


Wilsen sings music as if she is on the cusp of a spiritual breakthrough. Hence, why to hear her live, especially as a Millennial, can be so riveting. Who has not, in their youth, felt like they were always on the edge of magnificence…. if only they knew where or when to leap? Thus, Wilsen’s draw as a musician comes from reverb melodies and high noted hooks on the brightness of intuitiveness.
Wilsen – Garden (Official Video)

Intuition is that guttural feeling every human being has that guides us without words…. just feelings. She says, “Hmmm… that guy is smiling, but I think he is plotting, as well” or “It may seem rough now, but something great will come from this”. She is like a silent voice pushing us forward with basic phrases that oddly encompass universal ideas better than ancient philosophers. Wilsen is intuition. Lead singer Tasmin Wilsen  chops her lyrics down for streamed messages of wisdom, and muddles and maddens her arrangements so that her voice appears as if it is the only understanding you will need. That clarity comes off as ethereal, which only adds to how nonchalant Wilsen appears on stage. She acts as if she is waltzing into her living room moving notes like furniture, strumming her guitar like one would change a channel on a remote, and thinking up tunes like a person does their thoughts while looking out the window. The simplicity of her music is a reflection how simple life is, of which her sporadic instrumentals are the ripples of life’s situations. “Garden” , “Heavy Steps,” and “Centipede” were standouts to me because of how the elaborated Wilsen’s quest for movement through music. How and where we step in life can be an act of intuition; both in being from our feelings and revealing to us that we still have them?
Wilsen – Centipede (Official Video)

Wilsen is far from numb… dare I say she is WOKE! (lol!) Yet, in seriousness, her presence of relaxed self-awareness will give everyone #goals. We all wish we could stride onto stage and street with a mutual confidence and humble knowledge of our capacities because, only when we achieve such insight, do we see where we should/ can go in our paths. For More Information On Wilsen Click Here.