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Concert Review: Lydia Ainsworth Build A Music Coven At Baby’s All Right

Lydia Ainsworth turned Baby’s All Right into her American Coven, of which Ryan Murphy should have been filming. Nothing like a slow building synth, a slightly operatic pop voice, and a sincere aura of love scorn to bring out the “witchy” vibe that enthralls people. In this world, magic is needed, and, in her concert, it was summoned.

The idea of magic intoxicates people because it is presented as a power that can give resolution even to most helpless of situations and persons. Lydia’s music and concert, literally, plays with that notion by having each song instrumentally arranged as a long, winding path into an emotional forest, of which not every love spell will hit a right mark. “Into The Blue” and “Afterglow”, both from Lydia’s newest album, The Darling Of The Afterglow, felt like epics that minimized the space of Baby’s All Right because they were so spiritually resounding. Live, Lydia’s music, plays for grand mysticism that takes audience into their minds, and turns their memories into Grecian tales of morality and wonder. While Lydia is friendly, it is the quietness of her spirit, especially in song, that gives her a magical gypsy vibe. Whether she stands behind her keys and plays each chord like they were beats in a summoning ritual or stands centerstage as two dancers in black capes twirl around her, she never loses the aura of being powerful.
Lydia Ainsworth – Into the Blue (Official Video)

In voice and presence, there is a power to Lydia Ainsworth that comes in the form of strength and delicacy. Her voice wisps through wind like echoes from a moving willow trees, while her presence is still like a rose held in the palm of your hand. No matter what degree of her nature, she has a gracefulness to her that makes you understand, like in “The Road”, why she gets lost in the embrace of love and her imagination; she is a dreamer. In as world, where daring to dream feels too bold an endeavor, from conception to reception, Lydia’s music and performance felt like a spurring of courage to fantasize. It was in this element that I, speaking for all the audience, could definitely picture Lydia in larger venues and bigger productions to play off the magnitude of sonic spells she cast with her music. For More Information On Lydia Ainsworth Click Here.