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Concert Review: Loose Buttons Mash Indie Rock With A Classic Rock Style At Mercury Lounge

Loose Buttons smashes together “Vampire Weekend vibes” with a Rolling Stones’ style. They were a fresh trajectory of how rock n’roll became indie at their Mercury Lounge gig. As their melodies jelly-fished through the air like they could electrocute your ears with touch, the crowd was intrigued by a band that felt dual in nature.
Loose Buttons – Am I The Only Reason (Official Video)

When you think of indie rock, you do not exactly think of flash or frolics. Although Loose Buttons are cool-natured, and contain lyrics and hooks about finding balance through life’s emotional extremes, their stage presence rivets like a final show. In perspective, there is nothing balance about a “final show”; it is a go big or go home situation. There are many methods to making a show feel special to you, as an artist, and to your audience, and one of them is mentally approaching the stage as if it is your final night on earth. Lead singer Eric Nizgretsky gave his heart to the stage like a religious offering playing songs such as “Milk & Roses”, “Crowded Room”, and “Between Brick Walls” . These tracks gave Nizgretsky the opportunity to play his music like it was anchored in his mind. Every thought and feeling he had ever known but could not convey to others was, suddenly, clearer over a guitar. I am sure many musicians have felt this instrumental catharsis, but Nizgretsky emanates it in a way where, again, the audience sees something they always knew: music heals. Lyric after lyric felt like an ode to all the distractions and healing attempts we have made to cure a relationship that has boxed us in like, a sickness. Yet, despite these darker notes, the waviness of their instrumentals make the waviness of their sentimentality a more bearable crash that, again, hold Nizgretsky’s voice like an Olympic swimmer.

There is an inherent coldness to Nizgretsky’s voice that shows the contrast of indie rock and classic. When you look back at Led Zepplin, they seemed as if they were lit on a fiery, but then you look at Jeff Buckley in later years and he appeared frozen from pain. Thus, Loose Buttons play both sides by singing and playing their music as if there were breaking out of an ice box; each guitar riff or vocal grumble is a piece of ice fallen to ground and more of mobile chance to go somewhere and feel something. They move around and blast through life’s freezing situations  with a volatility and vulnerability that one would save for their final bow. For More Information On Loose Buttons Click Here.