Concert Review: New Myths Show Femme Rock Will Never Die

Femme Rock will NEVER DIE!!!!!!!! That message was clear and felt at New Myths Mercury Lounge performance. New Myths had already impressed in their opening performance for Metric a few weeks ago. Their similar sound and aura of “comic book” rock n’ roll will charm every viewer that feels empowered by emo-rock to be the “superhero” of their own life.

One of my favorite films of all time is Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, in part, because it had one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard and scenes that emboldened my vision of what a concert could be. Since then, I have sought music that turns concert halls into cartooned fantasies, and New Myths do exactly that with a presence that drips strength like water from a faucet; for however, you close it, a few, firm tears will always drop. Thus, whether it was their intention or not, New Myths align themselves like a fortress to be admired for its unconquerable built.

It is not easy to perform, especially in this era, when lights, choreography, and every visual display is used to give people a heightened experience to make up for a “pricey” ticket. Hence, my love for locations like Mercury Lounge and relish of bands like, New Myths. They bring back the feelings of old: when it was strictly a musician, their guitar, and your eyes locked on them as if in hypnosis. Its not that I do not see that all the time, musicians/ instruments,  but there was something very bare about New Myths’ performance. Being in the dimly lit Mercury Lounge with fiery energies reminded me of the gritty performances people would associate with 80’s punk/pop. Back then, it was all in the performer’s eyes or the force of which they played their instruments that embodied the euphoric sense of entertainment, which is why they reminded me of my “”comic book” rock n’ roll search. Although they do not move or banter much, it is in their stillness and intricate styles of playing that makes their music appear like an invisible giant daring anyone to fight against it.

Each lady, Brit Boras (guitar/lead vocals), Marina Ross (bass/vocals), and Rosie Slater (drums/vocals), played their instruments with power. Boras sings lnd plays the guitar like she has been hard-wired by the makers of WestWorld, my tv obsession, to entertain. Ross backs her up with a cool playing of the bass like she is its doctor, and with each string she strikes, a new ill is cured. Then there is Rosie Slater. While many do not walk-away with a a crush on the drummer, I did! I always loved the drums, and Slater stands out as a drummer who summons beats like a witch brewing a potion. She has an immensely forward zest that culminates my “fortress” analogy. Together, New Myths feel like a mythos within themselves; three women uniting to tour and play music that can protect the goodness of humanity. For More Information on New Myths Click Here.