Concert Review: Gibbz Is The Coolest “Lone Ranger ” At Warsaw

Alright, I have a new music crush. Packed with charm and sincere musicianship, Gibbz came on stage like a wry child eager to display his humor and talent. He has a kinetic presence that makes you turn towards him in curiosity. There he is: a “lone ranger” with instruments, synthesizers, and a laptop in hand to defend his forest of sound.

I am always intrigued when I see an artist outnumbered by instruments. You always expect a band behind an artist, which is why it is fascinating and admirable to see a musician do every beat of a song on his own and before an audience. It is like a watching a doctor do surgery by himself or seeing the chefs at Hibachi restaurants cook your meal in front of you. You look in awe at the basic magic that it is when a human being makes something for someone else. Gibbz makes music for the people, and he has crafted a performance that is equally FOR people.

Yes, entertainers, by nature, perform before people, but not all perform for them. The diference lies in the personal energy they carry. It is not simply that Gibbz wants you to have a good time, he is having “the time of his life” and is inviting you to join him. It is always great to see an artist that enjoys their time on stage. It makes a difference, in terms, of liking and enjoying the artist because you, as a viewer, become happy for their blessing and mentally eager to partake in it. Gibbz has an aura of joy that is infectious. First, he is hilarious and warm in his demeanor. He just feels like a guy you can come up to and make jokes with for the rest of the night. Good humor is always attractive to people, yet his humor is more than funny. Gibbz is bright and happy, and when he moves to his own music and mixes his symphonies like a “one man” orchestra, you revel in the soul of his artistry that, by definition, is spiritual.

Gibbz has a voice and sound that enters your soul like a warm, apple pie served with a tasty hot chocolate. The apple pie is his voice that melts in the mouth of your spirit like the sugared, cinnamon coating of this desert. He transforms the fruit of his voice into a pastry through seductive annotations that are purposefully and intricately delivered to make your heart tingle. Like an apple from a tree, his voice is simple by nature, but like a baker he knows how to serve it for mass consumption. He delivered delicious renditions of his newest songs like, “Oh My God” and “Bright Lights”that elevated songs that were already fantastic by recording but became enlivening in concert. Still, it is the synths of his electro- R&B that are the lovely, hot chocolate culminating your “sweet tooth”. We all love a good artist/ song that makes us light the internal furnace of our souls, and Gibbz, as a producer, knows how to make the slow, scintillating beats that add to our inner fire. He creates music that makes you want to sway with your partner like you are the last couple left in prom; young, happy, and so in the moment that the night seem endless. Hence, Gibbz is perfect to see with friends but exciting to see with your lover.

If you want a concert that makes you move with your partner and feel bliss in his or her arms, I would recommend Gibbz. Not only does his fun personality bring a comfortable atmosphere, but his sultry, funkadelic rhythms are too irresistible to deny. He makes it easy for anyone to dance by creates music that enters your space like smooth velvet on the skin of your soul. For More Information On Gibbz Click Here.