Concert Review: Captain Cuts ARE Your Friends At Baby’s All Right

I had a blast with Captain Cuts! There is no other way to put it! These guys bring a “frat boy” energy that is not dark and “hazy” like fraternities more notorious image. They bring forth a mischievous joy that makes you want to grab a red solo cup filled with “jungle juice” and go wild. They are the epitome of a college “house-party”, which for me… is the best kind!

Armed with Christmas Hats and dangerously good mixes/music, I knew I was readying for what Kanye would call “GOODMUSIC”. These three guys aim straight for the “mainstream meat” that makes people continuously bite into pop, rap, and rock; its “emo” vibes. In reading of Captain Cuts and their notorious “Emo Nights”, which were their DJ gigs in L.A.’s popular nightclub Taking Back Tuesday, I was excited to experience their distinct combination of the “sing-along” music we, as music listeners, defined as emotional guides back in the 90’s/early 2000’s and now in 2016.  Already garnering much attention for their amazing mash-ups on “The Life Of Pablo”, which I reviewed, and their If You’re Reading This Its Never Too Late, another “pun-titled”, critically acclaimed mix, Captain Cuts are quickly rising as “must-see” DJs. In seeing their show at Baby’s All Right, I fully absorbed their style and initiative as “Millennial” experience.

I had mentioned in my previous review that listening to Captain Cuts blends of Justin Bieber with Fall Out Boy or Rihanna with Jimmy Eat World, felt like a blazing ride through the past and present of radio. Yet, it was only in their concert that it fully registered to me how “Millennial” these DJ’s truly are. In mashing the music and sound that defined our youth’s childhood with that of our youth’s adulthood, they feel more present in our generation than any other DJ I have experienced live. While most DJ’s aim solely to entertain and offer escapism, Captain Cuts give audiences a blissful sense of nostalgia. There is something special and uniquely emotional when you hear a song of “old” that you swore was “your song” mashed with the new song you call “yours”. The added sentiment makes Captain Cuts elaborate the “ego” of emotional pop and Hip Hop. The happiness their music gives you is strangely sweet, and makes you want to say, “This is my jam!” to nearly everything they play. Thus, Captain Cuts is one of the coolest DJ acts because they literally are a whirlwind of every song Millennials have called their “jams” throughout their life, which highlights their “college house party” vibe.

The obviousness of Captain Cuts “Millennial” sound hit me like a giant brick with an “Aha” written on it. Of course, their going to feel like the bustling youth and bliss you absorb when you gather with your friends at their dorm or their unreasonably high-rented apartment; Captain Cuts ARE your friends. On stage and in music, they have the banter, charm, confidence and self-awareness that they are the current generation of youth, which makes them refreshing and welcoming to the DJ sphere. Let us be be honest; when it comes to clubbing, twenty-somethings are the key target, and, right now, they are Millennials. In blatantly and artfully going for that market, Captain Cuts shine as a show that is fun, warm, and casual in its greatness, which is exactly what a night with friends is should be. You fall into Captain Cuts music and concert like you would a conversation with your friends. The difference is this conversation is strictly through music, and is, probably, the best one you have ever had. Thus, for a fantastic “Millennial” experience, I would recommend Captain Cuts as the DJs to see. There is truly no one like them. For More Information On Captain Cuts Click Here.