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Concert Review: MK Makes Analog BKNY Feel Like A “TV” Club Scene

People always ask me how do you review a DJ? As if mixing and producing music is less of a stylistic art form than singing and dancing to it. There is an essence to every artist that builds an atmosphere distinct to them. MK, also known as Marc Kinchen, showed that his DJ artistry is connected to the wry mischief that defines the youth culture you see on TV. Thus, his show at Analog BKNY turned this Brooklyn club into what seemed like an episode of Gossip Girl.

// you watch shows like Skins, they always have club scenes, where the most beautiful, young people are living in the bliss of having no inhibitions. Yet, in the background of that tussled scene of euphoria/debauchery, is a soundtrack. MK’s music is that soundtrack, and on December 9, Analog was the club. His mixes swindled and swiveled like a woman twirling in a golden jumpsuit and chunky chains underneath a disco ball, which, by the way, there was. The vision was emblematic of the club scenes you see on such tv shows/movies that make life feel like the greatest thing you will ever live. Moreover, they transform your night into a glamorous secret, where no one else in the world knows how much or how to have fun quite like you. Thus, MK’s set played to the aspect that makes your days and nights seem like a film worth watching, especially if you let go to his music.

My Love (ft. A*M*E)

// recently, I reviewed Martin Solveig, who was a phenomenal experience. Yet, I found MK equally enthralling and different from Solveig, whose mix felt like a clear, blue ocean of radio-hits, while MK’s felt like a giant, adrenalized factory of sound. MK’s beats have a machinated quality that transform his bassline into a steel press imprinting smoked rhythms into every chord. He splashes riffing voices that sound like the early 90’s singers whose hooks were basic commands to listeners like “Come On, Let’s Go!” or “Dance!”. This, to me, was the important aspect of his mix because it gave the night the colorful, “come to glory” moments that the 90’s had in bringing out people’s fierce choreography. Honestly, there were people dancing so hard, I thought I was in a Zumba class. Yet, it felt right that MK’s music earned so much physical prowess. His repetitive hooks and kick-drums add a sporadic, rumba element that makes you want to burst in seamed energy. He then brightens his music with twinkled synths that wheel like the nails and bolts of said “steel press” to lock in listeners. Moreover, MK knows how to drop a beat! The frenetic lighting of the club helped escalate his dramatically delicious beat-drops like sweet cherries falling into your mouth.

Piece of Me

// know that I am really driving forward the visionary aspect of MK, but ambiance is everything to a DJ, and his has to have been one of the most enlivening, imaginative ones I have experienced. When you go to a club, you are going with the purpose of being transfixed and transformed, even for a night, into a person with no inhibitions. It is not that you want to do “harm” or “go crazy”, but for a night you want to “shake” and “move” with a liberation that garners no judgement or carries no worry, like in TV. Hence, I was thankful to MK for giving me a night/ music mix that dared me  to dance freely. Like a child with a mischievous smirk, MK, himself, danced, smiled, and looked upon the crowd like a kid who knew he had earned his cake; the ability to travel the world as renown, genuinely talented DJ. For More Information on MK Click Here.