Concert Review: Dragonette Are Iconic At Warsaw

Dragonette “killed it” at Warsaw NYC, and Martina Sorbara completely lived up to the band’s name by being a “dragoness”. If ever a woman, beyond Daenerys of Game of Thrones, embodied what it is to control the mystical fire of a being, it would be Sorbara. Each song from Dragonette’s newest electro-pop record, Royal Blues, felt like a furnace for her to breath fire into and set ablaze. 

Lonely Heart

// had reviewed Dragonette’s Royal Blues and loved the record. It completely lends itself to any “dance-athon” you and your friends might try to run at your home or at the club. Thus, it was no surprise that the concert had attracted every “mover” and “shaker” within a three state radius. The crowd was there to dance, and lead singer Martina Sorbara knew their desires completely. From the euphoric track “Body 2 Body” to Dragonette’s classic hit with Martin SolveigHello“, Sorbara was jumping and high-kicking her way through the concert with an energy that even a five year old, pageant girl on three red-bulls could not contain. I am not being facetious with that statement. The inner zest Sorbara carries for Dragonette’s songs is sky-rocketing, and explains my “Mother of Dragons “comparison. I do not compare simply because I am a nerd.I do it because when you see someone have so much fire within them, you feel inspired to light your own. Dragonette’s concert lit the internal flame of each of its viewers. 

I cannot reiterate enough the amount of smiles and dancing that went on at Warsaw. Sorbara is a genius at connecting with members of her audience. As a once student of rhetoric/ debate, I learned that when you look in the eyes of people and smile, their internal walls crumble and a connection/ trust is born. I kid you not, Sorbara shared a smile and a glance with each member of that audience. There was not one song where she did not take a few moments to wave at a fan in the crowd, lock eyes with a viewer dancing, or give a smirk to someone who needed a personal boost to add to the atmosphere’s blissfulness. It was brilliant to watch as a reviewer and, again, rhetorician. Personality is important to building one’s prosperity because people need to remember your presence to empower it. That night, Martina Sorbara had a powerful presence that created a symbiotic relationship with crowd. As she brightly riffed her songs and bounced to each track without breaking a sweat, the crowd could not help but join her. Moreover, Dragonette gave a performance that made you want to look up every song they ever made, and listen to them until you felt like an extra bandmate.
Sweet Poison

As I walked out of Warsaw, I sought in my iPod something that could match the exhilaration and joy of Dragonette’s music, and found that only they could reach their own essence of adrenaline. This is a magnificent effect to have on concert-goers because it shows fans that there is no other artist like you, and pushes them to buy your music as a memory to your fantastic concert. Dragonette gave such a riveting performance that I am sure I speak for every viewer that night who went home and bought all of their records. You will not just want Royal Blues, you will want Dragonette themselves. To learn more about Dragonette, Buy Royal Blues, or see where you can experience their concert rush Click Here.