Song Review: Captain Cuts Give A Retro Reminder To “Love Like We Used To”


Captain Cuts have a real knack to make mixes where Hip Hop meets techno to create a laser- beamed club in your ears. Their tracks are like virtual disco-balls circling in your mind, and make you want to dance under strobed lights. Just listen to their funkadelic, dance mixtape If You’re Listening To This It Is Never Too Late. which features their lively takes on songs by Drake, Blink- 182, and Paramore. That is quite a mix, which shows you that this band knows how to cut and interplay genre differences into one, singularly good sound, as seen in their newest songs Love Like We Used To.

Captain Cuts newest track is a call to bring back the tenderness, innocence, and respect of love. The song has a hypnotic beat that helps you envision the times Nateur cooly sings about such as, when a suit and tie were a must to introduce yourself to your girlfriend’s dad. The song, like most of their previous tracks, has a Hip Hip base/ drumming that is “techno- fied” to make you want write a  love letter to your girlfriend asking her out on a date instead sending her a three word text like, “Wanna go out”. Thus, what I love about this sing is that it makes me want to dance, and give me nostalgic for the care that seems to be lost in modern courtship. 
At the end of the day. what we remember about love, is the details. We recall the small things our loved ones’ did, like bringing flowers, to symbolically say what they spiritually felt: adoration. Hence, the power of Captain Cuts’ infectiously rhythmic new track is that it re-teaches listeners through a retro-vibe that love should be showcased with care. For More Information On Captain Cuts and To Buy Love Like We Used To Click Here.