Song Review: Johnossi Reminds Listeners That “Air Is Free”

It could be the times or could be just me, but I have a feeling it is the times we are living in. You see, so much music is coming as a reminder that being alive is free, human right. You may say, “DUH!”, but in a world that feels more divided than ever,  Swedish band Johnossi releases a song to show listeners that division, whether it with your surrounding or yourself, is caused by a genuine belief that not everyone can live in the ways desire harmoniously or together. The message resonates powerfully and musically in Johnossi’s newest track, “Air Is Free”.

Their is a sound to liberation that Johnossi has captured in their electro-blues record “Air Is Free”. The song literally sounds like a brassy, grassroots campaign song that, by chance, landed in the club. It contains lyrics that are simple but potent in how they make listeners want to run outside and breathe in the oxygen of this world that, they did not ask for, but, still, must call it home. As John Engelbert strikes his guitar strings and sings “The Air Is Free/ I Do Whatever I Want”, you want to follow him with fireworks and yell out to the world, “I am here, and I am staying”. The sentiment is refreshing in a time when people need reminders of why it is they should love life and be grateful to wake up everyday. Moreover, the lyrics and Englebert’s empowering, firm voice are clear in radiance; they want you to fight for your air,  as it belongs to you, and to stop letting others leave you breathless with their actions. Instead, act lovingly to yourself. Remember if you believe freedom to be yourself is something to be handed to you then you already believe that it is something that can be taken from you. 
With a harmonious kick-drum and bouncing, battle percussions from Oskar “Ossi” Bonde, “Air Is Free” is the type of track you blast on the radio. It is a sonic adrenaline rush that would make even the oldest person in the world feel young, rejuvenated, and ready to defend their air. The song,  “Air Is Free” is apart of Johnossi’s newest EP of the same title which you can buy Here.