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Song Review: Betty Who Reminds Listeners The Sexiness Of The “Human Touch”

Ahhhh, yes…. The Human Touch! Something about the touch of a gentle hand on your cheek or a soft lip delicately pressing against yours can make you feel like a thousand ships sailing toward the sun. Who knew that two lips locking can feel so epic? Well, Betty Who fully realizes that “Human Touch” can make anyone weak for love, but strong enough to dance in it. Hence, her newest song “Human Touch” is for anyone and everyone ready to celebrate the physicality of love. 

Betty Who has been described by New York Magazine as a mix of “early Madonna…Katy Perry and Robyn, with spunk and confidence”, and by Elle as “your next pop obsession”.  “Human Touch” is a sonic explanation for such comparisons. Like Ms. Perry, Who has a powerful voice that blends nicely with pop’s sugared beats and words of self-discovery/ love. Meanwhile, she shares Robyn’s finesse for amplifying love lyrics through electric beats that make you feel like you have entered a neon-strobed tunnel of sound. Yet, last but not least,  Betty Who carries Maddona’s sultry, evocative swag that alludes to the empowerment of sexuality/ physicality.  Thus, Who is like a pop concoction of mainstream dreams, and fits ripely into the tree of radio. Her song “Human Touch” is literally what top-charters sound like: delicious. 

Betty Who – Human Touch (Audio)

Pop is known as music’s “tasty treats”. They are sonic pleasantries that bring a superfluous sense of escapism, which we all need. Yet, “Human Touch” serves you synthetic beats of mindful escape with a sweet, deeper heart. The song is a celebration to how overpowering human touch can be in love. Let’s be honest relationships are both spiritual and PHYSICAL. If your lover does not even hold your hand, you can feel like the love is not there. Thus, Betty Who’s newest track is bouncingly made track to assure that when you are hearing it in the club, you grab your lover, caress his or her face, and show him or her the spirt of your love through “Human Touch” . For More Information On Betty Who Click Here.