Song Review: Midnight To Monaco Give Listeners A “One Way Ticket”

Island Records is prepping Midnight To Monaco to be their next synth-pop sensation, and I can see why. Synthetic rhythms? Check! 80’s Throwback Bassline? Check! Super Charismatic Band Members? CHECK! Like the band 1975 or Miami Horror, Midnight To Monaco has the sincere opportunity to achieve a loyal following. 

One Way Ticket

The great thing about bands like Midnight To Monaco is that they attract loyal followings for the long haul because, let us be honest, when will people NOT want to dance. Moreover, the electrically lit romances they undergo in their three minute synth-symphonies are timeless in attraction. “One Way Ticket” is like a jar of sugar being thrown into cookie batter. A funny description that embodies the sweet development of love this band strikes in lyrics, sound, and story. As Ricky Ducati coolly sings for his crush to book a “one way ticket” to his arms, you feel like the “cookie mix” is starting to stir, and it chocolate chip beats can make you do the electric slide in joy. Ducati has  “doo-wop” sensibilities in his vocal annotations, which makes him seem like  an elegant, 1950’s pop – star that has traveled through time to perform in the year 2020 mixes of Donnie Sloan. I am all for this magical pairing, and I cannot wait to get a “one way ticket” to their debut album, out later this year. For More Information On Midnight To Monaco Click Here.