Song Review: Hot Cops Give Deerhunter Memories In Dumbbo

Hot Cops are a rising band that is BBC fave for alternative rock. There newest single, Dumbbo is a simple psychotropic trip. It is unique in sound, but, more unusually, in its vocals. Lead singer/ songwriter Carl Eccles leads the band in a lazy, indifferent style that seems rare to music, nowadays. Even simplifying a song involves details, but to Hot Cops music, like, life should not be an effort. 

When you see songwriter Carl Eccles explanation on the song’s you appreciate it all the more:

“The idea for dumbbo came from watching a nature documentary one night when i was feeling “~existential~” There was a part where a herd (or “memory”) of elephants was travelling somewhere to find water and a baby got separated from its mother while playing/exploring. It started following the tracks of the herd but in the wrong direction and wound up dehydrated and starving and dying alone. Dumbbo is about trying to stay soft in an age of information and apathy. it’s important to care and connect with something, whether it’s spiritual/physical/emotional/ideological, but it’s also really hard. keeping up is difficult and prioritising can be overwhelming. It’s important to note it’s NOT about a character going against the crowd as that would be very lame. I was mostly wondering why I had an emotional attachment to something that does not affect my life in any way whatsoever. I’m a lazy writer and that means my songs end up being an amalgamation of different ideas and feelings rather than focusing on the exploration of one subject.”

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