Song Review: Yogi’s “Blow You Up” Will Give You Dance Fever For AlunaGeorge

There are certain electro-pop mixes that, when dropped, give club-goers a sudden rush of dance fever. These songs are so rhythically pounced with beats that the DJ appears like a butcher preparing meat. “Blow You Up” is Yogi’s seasoned, rare steak, and it will be eaten by any person ready to dance!

Featuring AlunaGeorge and Less Is Moore, this song is a platform for Aluna’s front-woman essence. In  the video, she is a force to be reckoned with, bringing in a brutish zest not often seen by the rather sultrily gentile songstress.  Yogi has created a track that gives Aluna’s R&B vocals a bouncing bassline to meld and formulate hypnosis over listeners. This song will sweep over any club dance-floor like a whirling dervish: swirling around to magnetize viewers. Yet, this is not the first nor the last time that OWSLA has provided a track that feels like a music climax for a night out.

After reviewing Marshmello’s “Ritual feat. Wrabel”, I am obsessed with OWSLA as a record label. In time where electronica has dominated over Millennial nightlife, the label is premier for its selection of artists like, Yogi and Skrillex. Thus, be aware of both this artist and his label as they will be heavily involved in the music of your night.  To Buy Yogi’s “Blow You Up” and learn More about OWSLA Click Here.