Artist Close-Up: Kari Faux Is Lost En Los Angeles

Kari Faux is an intriguing new artist because she seems torn. On one hand, she can be a rapper all about fun and debauchery, but on the other hand, she can be highly perceptive and chilled in her rhythms. Thus, it is no wonder that her debut album Lost En Los Angeles was titled as such. The Little Rock, Arkansas rapper represents in sound and moves the inner division of twenty-somethings as they rise upwards into their life and future: we are torn between adult analysis and youthful bliss. 

Supplier (Title Track For New HBO Show High Maintenance)
Lost En Los Angeles is a powerful debut for an artist, but it is also a welcomed stretch into a young black woman’s search for inner peace. It is that soul awakening/ soul search that has attracted her name to fellow artists like, Janelle Monae and Childish Gambino. It is always important to note the type of artists that a rising star attracts in support because it says something about their music and being. Gambino and Monae are known for both their talents and eclectic representations of their artistry. They are unafraid to experiment and stand out from a crowd. Thus, seeing those associations was an immediate hint, for me, that Faux would be a vast musical experience….. I was right.
Gahdamn (feat. Childish Gambino)
Like most youth, Lost En Los Angeles will have its  uproarious tracks all about enjoying the moment such as, This Right Here, but she is also vividly insightful into the everydayness of life. Faux offers mindfulness by having an introspective flow. Her raps stream our her like a series of thoughts and insights that cross into one’s head at milliseconds of randomness. Whether she is stepping into a car in Nothing To Lose or busting tropical vibrations in Eden, she always maintains a cool, crispness to her rap style that makes her seem effortless. While some rappers look like they could bust a vein or vocal chord when spitting a rhyme, Faux sounds as if every lyric is a breath: necessary and natural. This allows her raps to be absorbed with an ease they make them seems as if they are your own. It is quite beautiful and shows a lost of promise of this rising rapper. 
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