Song Review: Astronomyy Sings On Loyalty In “Things I’d Do For You”

Astronomyy is an unusual artist. The Worcester native sounds unlike anyone else because he can make the complex sound simple. Whether through lyrics that aim for the branches of love, rather than its tree, or rhythms that sound like the synths played in a galactic lounge, Astronomyy has managed to capture stars in his sonics and make them reachable . In his newest track, “Things I’d Do For You”, the star he has chosen is loyalty.
Loyalty is the most important thing you can give to someone, especially in love. It is a spiritual oath that if the world turned against that someone, you would not. On the contrary, you would stand with them as their strength, defense, and all out protector of their light. Such a beautiful oath and gift is not easy to encompass, which is why Astronomyy did not try. Instead of using forceful, brutish rhythms to shows the fierceness of loyalty, he uses effortlessness, which makes sense. When you truly love someone, loyalty walks in with a smooth pace of warmth and familiarity. Love knows loyalty, and Astronomyy shows their kinship with light kick-drums, guitar strums, and synths that float up into the song like the light from a star. Such dreaminess build the romance of loyalty, which is often ignored at he key to love’s charm.

Astronomyy sings the things he could or would do “if we ever wake up”, making it seems as if him and his lover have been placed in a “fairytale” slumber where hee fantasizes all the ways he would make her feel precious and safe. His vocals are very gentle and remind me of the smoked, seductive annotations Justin Bieber uses in his song, “Love Yourself”. While some are hesitant to be compared to this international superstar, no matter what, you know his music,which is why the comparison is an excellent sign for Astronomyy. You will recognize Astronomy’s music and voice as strictly his, which can make him one that dominates and molds the radio’s sound. I could easily hear “Things I’d Do For You” on the radio, but, more importantly, I would know this is an Astronomyy track. For More Information On Astronomyy Click Here.