Song Review: The Golden Pony Make A Demand From In Mario’s “Let Me Love You”

I have seen this curly hair duo perform before at Elements, and they will perform again at Bang On NYC’s New Year’s Eve Party “Time & Space” (Buy Tickets Here). Set to be like a rocket-ship coursing throughout the cosmos, it is no wonder this curly haired duo have been chosen for the starry night. Their music brings the twilighted remixes/ original pop sounds that make people feel like they are meant to shine. Such a feeling can be felt in their new song “Let Me Love You”.

This Mario original is a staple in the hearts of many for its modernizing of R&B smooth. While many artists are described as to have the “it” factor, this song has “it”, which means any remake or remix has to be something special to be adored. Featuring vocalist Dasha, The Golden Pony do not try to emulate the pleading nature of the original, but instead try to drive home its desire for pleasure. When most people think of “Let Me Love You”, it has a sweet yearning to it. Mario is asking his potential love to transition into full-blossom. Yet, The Golden Pony and Dasha approach the song, and thus their potential lover, with a strength and assertion that might as well say,  “You WILL Let Me Love You!”.

Dasha’s voice is the right mix of sweet but firm. Her vocals are perfect for pop, but given that The Golden Pony are all about the EDM world, her “nice” vocals are given a dancing bite. Having an electro back-drop allows Dasha to convert “Let Me Love You” from a tender offer to an affirmation. As you dance to its wavy synths, you want Dasha to get “the guy” and Golden Pony to remix more classics with their nightlife party vibes. To Download Their “Let Me Love You” learn more about The Golden Pony Click Here