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Concert Review: Best Coast Brings Out their Inner Che For NYC

I love Best Coast. I am a 100% fan of their punk-pop jams on feeling both bored and invigorated by love and life. It is crazy to witness how our day to day can go from exciting to mundane in an instant. Yet when Bethany Costentino marched out to her Rough Trade NYC show looking like she had just come back from hanging with Che in Cuba, I knew I was going to have an exciting night.
Best Coast – When I’m With You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

It was all in the beret for Bethany. Something about it made her preach the need for kindness, which she even noted the “talk beret”, as she called it, was motivating her to promote social justice and sing her songs like she was making a stand to declare that she wants love RIGHT NOW! One thing that I extremely appreciate about Best Coast live is that they heighten everything you love about their records. First, they sounded exactly the same as in recording, which only made me happier. Consentino’s voice is the definition of sweet and oddly fuels the rage and loneliness that inspires her songs. Sometimes, you forget how seducing loneliness is, but in tracks “I Want You”, “Crazy For You”, “No One Like You” ,and “When I’m With You”. Notice each song title has “you” in it. For Bethany, music is about becoming aware of who you are with, through, and for others, which is why every song had her pleading or pushing another away. She swings her head, bangs up her guitar, and approaches the mic with fire; she wants love, and represents how gnawing that need could feel like in your heart and mind. Of course the crowd, was enamored by her humor and her ability to come off like the most care-free, caring person.
Best Coast – Our Deal (Extended Version)

At times, we believe caring is what inhibits us from being care-free, but it is how you care that could either lead to worry or strength in relationships. As Best Coast coursed their catalogue of hita, and proclaimed their love for NYC as their fellow “best coast” beyond their Native California, I felt like I was watching a star in every way. Their SoCal chords surfed and swished with the banality of an “Annette!”, 1950’s beach film, but their punk-pop only appears kind. They are all about showing how rough it is to be love in the world. For More Information on Best Coast Click Here.
Best Coast – Heaven Sent