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Concert Review: Hundred Waters Give A Replenishing Aesthetic At MHOW

Hundred Waters is such a gorgeous name, and represents the exact feel of their music or, at least, their performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg. From voice to the gentle choreography that brimmed behind Hundred Waters is, literally, replenishing. You feel spiritually cleansed and practically quenched with music that aims to silken stress.
Hundred Waters – Fingers (Official Music Video)

As I grow more in love with music, I have realized two things, which I have mentioned before’ everyone sings to love, but more people are singing about darkness. Thus, we never escape this universal theme, i.e. love, but we do show the rising and transforming manifestations of its foes like, anger, stress, sadness, jealousy, and miscommunication. Made up of singer Nicole Miglis, Zach Tetrault (drums), and Trayer Tryon (everything else), Hundred Waters aims to be art, and reminds listeners that music is a creative expression that goes beyond “the thing to make you dance”. I make this point because Hundred Waters’s Nicole Miglis sings as if she is love trying to survive, and never escaped the  chopped terrain of this sentiment. As dancers caressed and confined her body in movement, she stared above the audience like, we were flowers in the grass that she looks upon in fleeting wonder. I note this because it is a subtle, theatrical move. With her fiery red hair and a breathily, high register, she appears like a powerful, illuminating fairy; magically flying above destruction in hopes to find ones ready to stop it. Tracks like, “Jewel In My Hands”, “Currency”, “Blanket Me” elaborated the natural flutter of her voice, as if she had wing flaps for vocal chords; a beautiful thought. Moreover, one that meshed with the quietness of her concert. This is a performance for synth-art; where you enter to literally experience why a synth-wave belongs in a fantastical, electric ocean. 
Hundred Waters – Blanket Me [Official Audio]

In a world where we, understandably, create, mass, and thus confine formulas of success, Hundred Waters expands that very notion. Sure, they will not be of everyone’s liking, especially because their concert seems like a call for stillness and enlightenment. That, alone, does not attract everyone in these crazy times. Yet, the way they have cornered said “market” and turned it into an art display is brilliant, and deserves to be seen by those ready for it. For More Information On Hundred Waters Click Here.
Hundred Waters – Wave to Anchor (Official Audio)