Album Review/ Artist Close-Up: Robert Glasper Experiment Is Coming To Bowery Ballroom

Art Science by Robert Glasper feels like a a 11 tracks of soul. Literally! I am not taking about the genre, but that of a human being. With polyrhtymic funk- hip hop- soul blazing through the heart of this record, I hope you all go out toe see Robert Glasper And The Experiment and play live. This band is acclaimed for their goodness in concert, but there last record proves they have plenty of material.

The Robert Glasper Experiment has found longevity and prosperity as musicians through their feel-good combination of various genres. When you hear their sounds it as if you have chosen to lie in the park on a sunny day, and slight breeze, i.e, their music, offers you a gentle cool to blend with the surrounding warmth. Their newest album Art Science shines a light on each of the band members; Robert Glasper, Casey Benjamin, Derrick Hodge, & Mark Colenburg with each picking/ sharing new roles as vocalists, song-writers, and overall musicians. It is this sharing and spreading of creativity that makes Art-Science feels like a second wind for the band.

// musicians, it is vital to keep creativity flowing, and The Robert Glasper Experiments is known to do this through genre- defying music. Thus, when you are already known to go beyond boundaries the hardest part of challenging your creative growth might be finding what thresholds are left to be crossed. Therefore, Art- Science rises as a new stepping-stone for the band by having them cross, not boundaries, but new roles for themselves. Each band-member assured this project became a discovery of their own spirit through the art of sound, which can explain why the record is so fun.

Art Science, for me, is definitely a funk album. While the band usually blends multiple genres, Art Science is a funk record with occasional blends of jazz, rock, R&B, or electronica. Yes, electronica is a heavy and surprising feature throughout this album, and allows the band to create instances where listeners will feel like they have entered a rave run George Clinton. Even its romantic songs like, Let’s Fall In Love, still carry an undercurrent of energy and rising up that defines funkadelic. Hence, what I most adore of this album, and makes me excited for their Bowery Ballroom Release Party, is that Art Science is all about spiritual elevation.

Whether you feel broken inside about your decisions with love, “You And Me”, or you are ready to fall blissfully into it, “Thinking About You”, this entire album is meant for you to observe life in an electric view. It is as if Art Science is the neon-goggles we put on right before we pursue the science experiment we call life. To Buy Art-Science, See Their Bowery Ballroom Show, or check out more information on The Robert Glassier Experiment Click Here.