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Album Review: Big Boi Makes The Universe Boom In “Boomiverse”


YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!! YAAAAAAASSSAAAAAA! That is what I did for forty minutes after listening to Big Boi’s Boomiverse, which is an excellent title fro an album that make the universe foo “BOOM!”. Every single beat, verse, and vibe in this record was meticulously crafted to be the ultimate, blasted track.
Big Boi – Mic Jack ft. Adam Levine

I can already here “Kill Jill” and “In The South” being pumped up in car radios to the max; I am talking automobiles and the earth shaking from such volume. Big Boi is a veteran rapper, and shows he could leave the earth for 40 years and come back and still be humanly relevant. Moreover, it is astonishing to see that, even in his slight changes, he still remains creatively above most rappers. Part of Outkast’s legendary status, came from both Big Boi and Andre 3000’s urge to push sonic boundaries. They trail-blazed the idea that Hip Hop could be experimental, and aim for more psychedelic affects, which Big Boi continues in “Chocolate” and “Overthunk”. While, of course, you are going to have your “get down” tracks, “Freakanomics” and “Mic Jack”, this album is a celebration of Big Boi’s untouchable flow. Part chill, part charm, he spits verses like they are nothing and everything, all at once. As if his mind is actually an endless tunnel of golden thoughts and a plethora of matching words over a bass. For More Information On Big Boi And To Buy Boomiverse Click Here.