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Album Review: Cody & Danz Give “Only The Hits” In A Dance-Punk Fusion

Making a debut called Only The Hits is a clear sign of confidence, but that is all you will hear when listening to Cody & Danz. These are two souls that bring dance-punk to the scene, etching out a space that moves shakes and quakes as much as the genres they blend. Dancing and punk are purging acts that are all about releasing your emotional insides, and in five tracks, they do exactly that.

Using an underground vibe and pure, sonic experimentation, Only The Hits can feel like a series of music punches in a rhythmic alley. Cody & Danz interchange vocals both coming forward into the microphones like they see it as an ear to seduce. They whisper and roll their lyrics with an intense intents that makes tracks like “So Small” and “Make It In America’” uproarious calls and reflections to action. These two self-taught musicians are all about encouraging listeners to “DIY” even against all odd, which is something. From the French music scene to mashing every genre of house, for being musicians that had to learn on their own, they are all about being innovative leaders of sound. Hence, my earlier comment of their confident soundscape. These are two people that know they have a creative power rising in tracks like, “Living In A Different Reality” and “If I Had Some Money”. These songs show the issue everyone has; if only it were easier to get better. We all have greatness to offer this world, but only few have that stamina to do it. Cody & Danz are a certain force that you can hear on July 14 through Only The Hits By Clicking Here.