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Album Review: The Stevens Show Scratch Pop Will May You Feel “Good”

Melbourne scratchy pop favorites The Stevens return with their second album Good. Having spent time working for other bands like, The Twerps, The Stevens reunited to create an album filled with their anxieties and ambitions as musicians with no clue on life beyond their love for music, the dreams in their head, and revolving relationships. The album was completely born and made in bedroom, jam sessions where Matt Harkin, Alex Macfarlane, Travis MacDonald, and Gus Ford brought the guitar and bass to bring back the music that represents them… scratch pop.

Not one tracks, from “Chancer” to “My New Hideout”, is left with peach-fuzzes in the form of sweet guitars the blend the juice and pulp of a waning chord. This means 18 tracks delivered with a freshness that would make anyone want to race to the Melbourne music scene. As Alex and Travis combine their voice they sound like a pulled harmony; singing from a distance that is carrying them away. The sentiments makes sense as their album is about the desperation to feel connected with where you are and want to be in life. Like Japanese Breakfast, Good is another album coming out this week, the delves into Millennials desires to be “good” while feeling forced to settle for “okay” or “sad”. Hence, tracks such as “Keep Me Occupied”, “Take A Piss”, and “Cruiser” are just about escaping from your day through friends, lovers, poor choices, and hard-partying. Sometimes, the only way you can feel good is with a “fake it till you make it” mentality. The Stevens do not avoid the bad you go through to feel good, but their 70’s swag and catchy hook make the truth, literally, sound good. For More Information On The Stevens And To Buy Good On July 14 Click Here.