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Album Review: Elliot Moss Is A “Boomerang” Of Electro Pop


I am 100% feeling Elliot Moss. His EP Boomerang might as well be literally, with how it ricochets in your mind both rhythmically and vocally. Moss has a voice that is soulful and full of depth. Throughout each song his voice comes off like a sweet fruit being squeezed and cut over synth-waves that have been pressed and placed. Thus, Boomerang is a synth-pop EP that   exemplifies that nature vs artifice of music. 

Let us be frank; music, today, is more made on a computer than on an instrument. Nowadays, I can open an open app and download 50 millions options on how a piano would or should sound. For some, this is a loss and a foundational argument that humanity has lost its genuineness. Yet, Boomerang is Moss’ counter argument that to be genuine is a choice. Thus, it is not what you use, in music, but how you use it. This album is 100% a digital wave, or, at least appears so. Form “99” to “Dolly Zoom”, I can just imagine the amount of contemporary dances choreographed to Moss’ music. It just seems ready-made for Millennial dancers who capture the moves of technology in their physicality. To me, humanity’s spirit is adaptable, which means no synth-wave will stop you from “Falling Down and Getting Hurt” or being in a relationship where you feel like a home “Without The Lights”. Moss has, thematically, created an album that expresses the neediness of being. Of course, to some, that may sound annoying. Yet, when you hear “My Statue Is Sinking” and “Closedloop” such neediness sounds epic, danceable, and swimmingly vibrant. You want  to lather in Moss’ quiet spirituality and wistful lyrics on feeling like Life itself, which is a poignant desire attributed to Millennials but timeless in base. 

We all want to feel more than alive; we want to feel like we are Life itself, and Moss brilliantly arranges his instrumentals to surround listeners in that emotion. In seven tracks, you feel like Moss’ has taken a computer that minimizes you and zaps you into a vortex of shaded beats that seem as if they have been blurred for your delight. The way Moss’ flows and colors rhythms to crash and smudge into each other makes him a painter of music. Yet, again, it is his vocals that shine through as soulfully tender and nuanced. To Buy Boomerang and Learn More About Elliot Moss Click Here.