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Album Review: David Myles Finds Classic Love In Real Love

I always feel hesitant when people “miss” the past. I know the present isn’t “too hot” right now, but we got here, in part, because of the past. Yet, nostalgia does have its merit as heard in David Myles’ Real Love. 

While listening to Real Love I kept on thinking Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley got together for a drive with Buddy Holly, and asked Myles to make a soundtrack for their road trip. Myles has made a bluegrass album that feels electric, and used every jolt this genre offers to revive the past. You can’t help but look back at the era of Chuck Berry and Ritchie Valens with rose-colored glasses; as if they understood love could be fun and innocent. Admittedly, music these days love to go for the dark, dangerous, and dour of love. Yet, Myles songs such as, “Look At Me”, “Everybody Knows”, and “Knockout” are brash and brazened in celebrating love as a connection. 
David Myles – Look At Me (Acoustic)

Remember the days when sharing a milk-shake was the equivalent of “risqué”? Me Neither! Yet, Myles turns the tenderness of holding someone’s hand or the excitement of gazing in your partner’s eyes into the sexiest thing you have ever heard. Lyrically, he returns love to its connective power, which makes tracks like, “Dreaming” and “Night And Day”, feel like sonic stoplights asking you to “Stop, Enjoy Love!”. With so much music written about how love can make you unhappy, Myles is creating songs that remind you it can is your happiest adventure. He is returning love to its exhilaration with guitar hooks that frolic the acoustic grass like a man in love. 
David Myles – Real Love

Romantic, fun, and classic are three words that define David Myles’ Real Love. He has managed to embody what “real love” means with dramatic melodies that go from slow and starry to running and rocking. From “Night After Night” to “Crazy To Leave”, he rushes you with instrumentals that display true love makes you stay. Even in its lows, real love makes you feel higher than anything else, of which Myles has a voice that, again, resonates with the strength and tenderness of singers like, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. Hey, you can only be like the greats, if you are great. For More Information on David Myles And To Buy Real Love On January 26 Click Here. 
David Myles – Dreaming


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