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Album Review: Nadine Create A Modern Pop Fantasy, “Oh My”

Nadine’s Oh My is a modern pop fantasy. You simply feel pulled as Nadia Hulett sings the poetry that revives hearts. Fluid, fluorescent, and curiously playful, Oh My earns its title by serving sonic twists deserving of a fairytale.

Oh My teeters between adult and childlike. Tracks like, “Nook”, “Ultra Pink”, “Pews”, and “Contigo” ripple with surrealism, while its verses feel like bubbles of inner realities. Hulett’s voice is graceful in its ability to capture emotion like a butterfly tenderly cupped in its palm; there is something so strong about her caressing, vocal grasp. She holds lyrics for their tenderness and their honest as if she is woman willing to see herself for better or worse, but unwilling to judge both sides. It is refreshing considering that most opportunities for self-reflection turn into condemnation.

It takes awhile to learn that you can observe your heart without obliterating it. Too often, do we turn away self-analysis because we know we will dwindle into pettiness. From “Peace In The Valley” and “Not My Kinda Movie”, Nadine observes themes such as desire, ambition, self-destruction, self-love, and, ultimately, mindfulness. They transform their band name, Nadine, into an energy/ entity. Nadine is the person who looks at her soul with a mirror, but keeps her strength to assure it does not fog with images of beauty that shade uglier truths. You have to be resilient when being reflective so that you always the good and bad of yourself for yourself. This fact could be why Nadine’s arrangements transcend and spark into what feels like stars looking for galaxies; every song ebb and flows to between bigness and smallness.

Nadine’s Oh My is an incredibly intimate album that becomes poignant in portraying how simple it is to feel so complex. The human spirit is the simplest, most dramatic thing I have ever witnessed, and it seems Nadine would agree. Instrumentally, their music feels quiet, but only to make their words louder. As a lover of verbosity and the metaphysical, Nadine have married my two favorite things to create a beautiful debut. For More Information On Nadine And To Buy Oh My January 16 Click Here.

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