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Concert Review: Nick Fradiani Shows Love Can Win At LPR NYC

Nick Fradiani felt like the perfect ending of a romantic drama. As the guy pulls away from the airport, where he left the love of his life, he, suddenly, realizes that he cannot let her board that plane away from him. (CUE: Eternal AWWWWWWs). Nick Fradiani IS THAT GUY, and his audience is the one he cannot let go away.
Nick Fradiani – I’ll Wait For You

Romantic and dreamy are words I use often, but not to describe an artist’s essence. Yet, Fradiani’s performance is derived from these two words. Every smile to the audience or summoning cheer comes from the twinkle in his eye. It is as if he sees the “happy ending” we all will receive before anyone, which is why his music never seems to lose a sense of hope. On that note, I had NO IDEA Nick was an American Idol, but let me tell you his fans knew. They were “wooing” and “swaying” like he was winning again that vey night, which is why even his “saddest”, most “against the grain” songs like, “Hurricane”, “Coming Your Way”,  and “Outlaws”, made you say, “Nick, you are going to be just fine.” (lol!). It felt refreshing to hear someone portray life/love like it was winnable and not this eternally, hiccuped journey we have to endure. Instead, for Nick, endurance is just apart of the winning! From “We Live Forever” to “If I Didn’t Know You” the night felt like a fight for and thankfulness to the gift of love, which are not only found in the love you receive from someone but also the love you learn you can give to them. These sentiments drive the rising beauty and scope of Nick’s music. Suddenly, every chord and key transforms from another “acoustic” arrangement to astonishing one, of which Nick’s voice is the one guiding it to might.
Nick Fradiani – “Love Is Blind” (Official Music Video)

Blessed with a voice that should soundtrack every rom-com from here to Jupiter, Nick Fradiani’s show was a lively celebration of love. The way he drew in the crowd with personal intimacy and noble humility made everyone want to call American Idol and vote again. He seemed deserving of the love he would fight the world over, i.e. “Nothing to Lose”, but, at the same time, he felt like the embodiment of it. He sang every song with eyes closes, aimed guitar, and an open heart; as if he was saying, “Love, I am ready for you!”. Add on that his voice sounds misted with roses and perfumes, and you have a man that, again, can build romance through sound. For More Information On Nick Fradiani Click Here.