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Diandra Interviews Heather Brave: To Love Yourself Is To Better Yourself

Heather Brave is so bright! When I ask a question, it is with genuine intrigue at a response. This may seem obvious, but who has not asked a question to simply ask one? Yet, Heather’s responses were loaded with a wisdom that made me wonder if a person can move in complete mindfulness. She is so young, butt so aware that love grows if you grow. This may be why she speaks with a self-affirmation that leaves you running to a mirror and analyzing whether you, too, can say, “I love you” to yourself with the same authenticity. For Heather Brave, owning who you are is not arrogance; it is the humble beginning to flourishing yourself. 

1) You say you want to be intimate and intricate in how you play emotions into your lyrics. Which song do you feel is the most intimate to you and why?’

My song “Oz” is super personal for me. When I play it with my band acoustically, it brings in this really particular flavor that has always influenced my music in some way — it almost feels like a Mumford and Sons song. It’s intimate and energized at the same time. Lyrically, my producer Jase Blankfort and I came up with this idea because we were talking about my deep connection and fascination with The Wizard of Oz that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I love how Oz is this mystical place of escape and enchantment and I felt that with someone. This feeling became the focus of the song. “Oz” is meaningful to me on so many levels. 

2) Your music is about “going for it”, in essence. Name one moment when you really needed empowerment to try, and what song moved you to do is?

My song “Spinning,” is about being in a weird state of flux and that moment of recognizing being a true friend to yourself will get you through. I moved to New York last year after experiencing LA for a little bit, and I was surrounded by so much change which was great, and I found that in this big move, I really appreciated who I am at the core and my serious commitment to rise above and be the strong person I am who just goes for it.


3)  Who is the first artist you connected with, and who is the latest artist you are connecting with? How do both reflect your growth in music tastes and desires?

I had a total wake-up call when I found Lily Allen’s music in middle school. It shocked me in the best way. The lyrics were bright, flirty, and dramatic, and I was so enamored with how fun they were to sing and simultaneously how well they told the story. She doesn’t hold back and I saw how empowering and cool that was and I aspired to write like her. Now, I’m also into SZA’s music. I love her song, “Normal Girl,” which confronts conforming as a woman and what that means. I think both of these artists have explored that so well. As I grow as an artist, I’m making the same personal discoveries in my music and always learning more. 

4) “Like A Wave” is really about moving forward after a break-up. What is the best love advice you have received or given after a break-up?

I think the best advice is to focus on you. No matter what happened, a break up creates a perfect opportunity to dedicate time and space to yourself. Personally, my go-to is great historical fiction or a Law & Order SVU marathon. Olivia Benson will empower you, just trust. 

5) Going on that notion, what is your favorite love story that you would love to write a song about and why?

Growing up, I watched Grease on VHS (I know — crazy) basically on repeat. I loved singing along to Hopelessly Devoted to You and the poodle skirts. I’m also all about Sandy’s leather pants in the final scene, but I was always confused about why Sandy had to transform into “Bad Sandy” in order to get the guy. I think that’s a really difficult, loaded dynamic. There can be a push and pull in a relationship, knowing the other person wants something different from you that might not feel right. I would definitely take on that perspective and write a song about it. 

6)  As a rising artist, you have so many music goals to achieve. What is the biggest goal you wish to accomplish as an artist?

I’m so eager to travel, to perform, and write with people all over the world. I’m super down to be a tourist, but I feel like creating something in a foreign city is a really truthful way to get to know a city and the people that live there. Connecting with people with completely different circumstances through music is a crazy powerful thing and it is just mind-blowing to be a part of that in some way. 

7)  As fans begin to know you, what are 5 facts about yourself that you feel best represent who you are?

1) I’m a morning person and don’t snooze 🙂

2) I want to write a novel one day. I’m a story person, and love painting a picture with words and lyrics. 

3) I’ve had life-threatening food allergies my whole life to peanuts. It can be scary, but it taught me the importance of speaking up when you’re uncomfortable. 

4) I write a lot of my music in Nashville and my favorite vegan spot there is Wild Cow. Seriously, go. 

5) I think everything happens for a reason, and you have to trust if you put the work in, it will 100% pay off. 

8)  You have your EP coming out in the next few months. What has the creative process taught you about yourself as a person, an artist, and as a woman? 

This EP flourished at the exact right time. I’m at this point in my life where I’m never afraid to speak my mind because it is so crucial. I have a respect for my feelings and thoughts, and that makes me feel productive and real as an artist, a daring and authentic person, and a confident woman. While writing my EP, I think each song was a declaration of owning my feelings and who I am wholeheartedly. I was practicing this during the process while also infusing it in my lyrics. The title and release date will be here soon, and I hope that when we release it, people feel that energy of taking ownership and going for it. 

DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN! I never even noticed the “Bad Sandy” symbolism in Grease. Yet, the more you empower, the more aware you become of the empowerment needed by others.  This could be why her music, like her debut single Like A Wave, is dedicated to showing people it is okay to like yourself. In fact, you need to like yourself in order to better yourself. With that message and her voice, Heather Brave WILL be a star, at least, to the ones blessed enough to listen as her music shines. For More Information On Heather Brave Click Here.